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Pathetic and sad all the way around

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Sad for the innocent cats and dogs caught in this grotesque environment, and pathetic that human beings would subject themselves and their animals to this.....makes me just shake my head

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That's just sickening how people can be that way. There's no excuse for that behaviour...
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People like that really get on my nerves.. they're disgusting.
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There is nothing to be mad about but those people are extremely poor and they do not have the money to take care of those animals. But it's sad for the animals to be living in that condition.
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the people were extremely poor, and obviously were just as bad off as the animals were if they had no running water or transport. it is sad for all of them to be living that way ( both the people, and animals), and they probably did not have the knowledge of how to get help for their or the animals' situation.
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Those poor animals
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I feel bad that the people were living in such poverty, however they know the difference between wrong and right for an animal and having cats and dogs in such conditions is just wrong and I believe they should be prosecuted for it.
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I have no sympathy whatsoever for those digusting examples of people,they make me sick.

i do not doubt they started with good intentions for the animals but there must have been a point where they should have made a decision about those animals.
They did not.
people make choices over where they live,animals can't.

all the dogs had heartworm,one was pregnant,those dogs and puppies had they been born, have been spared a horrible death.Thank god

only when you experience the disgusting conditions of a hovel like that and have to clean that mess,do you understand a little of the suffering of the animals.

so dont waste any sympathy on those people.

bless those animals hearts.
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I live in this region - tho not in Hudson which tends to have many people who can ill aford to care for themselves, much less a pet. However, as someone who volunteers my time in rescue, we see this sort of thing often and the people tend tp be under educated or if well educated (say with a univ. degree at the least), are mentally ill. It is one of those truly sad no won situations where someone had failed all involved. sighh!!!! I feel worse for the pets but wish people like this would get help too - some psychiatric help. Hoarding is now recognized as a psych illness - not that I am an expert on that subject but we had to take a seminar on it last yr. It is amazing how many ppl do it and often they wre women, sigh!! I guess they filling some need and if our society cared better foir animals and had better laws and made them more difficu;t to get, this would also help.
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Any word on the outcome of this? They said around 80 cats and a court date of March 1st. I'm just wondering if anyone in this area has heard about the health of these cats or what the outcome of the court was?
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