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Hey Hissy!

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Has the lettuce gone down in Oregon? Here it was 3.99, but has gone down. I was planning on buying either the salad mix or romane lettuce. But I saw that the iceberg is 88 cents. I hope so. With the weather getting warmer, I want to start eating alot of salads and healthy foods.
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Psst....it's cheap here. So here's what we do Hissy. You send me that cute little kitten, and I send you a bunch of lettuce! Deal?
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This is what I was talking about!
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Just posted special for you! LOL

No, lettuce has not gone down and potatoes *baking kind* are non-existent right now. Or if you are lucky to find them, they are so hard you break your knife trying to cut them up to cook them.
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Ahh....interstate commerce....potatoes and lettuce for kitties!!!
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sorry no dice.....
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