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less appetite normal ???

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After getting home after a week's trip, this morning I notice that my cat's appetite isn't what is was before we left. She used to meow in the morning for her wet food and really gobble it down. This morning she ate less than a quarter of what I usually give her. She has complete access to dry food all day so I will watch how much of that she eats.

At what point do i get her to the vet? Is this a normal adjustment to our trip?

everything else is normal, she is drinking liquids and having daily bowel movements and urinating normally. I just haven't seen her this uninterested in food...of course she;d rather ne next to us. maybe i should sit next to her food bowl?
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Was she with you when you were away? If not, perhaps she just really missed you. If she will eat while you are sitting with her, then perhaps that would be a good idea until she feels comfortable that you are not going to leave her again. (Just guessing here.)

When I had little Tia before I shipped her to California, she wouldn't eat unless I sat on the floor with her beside her dish while she ate. She was just a really needy little girl and had to be held and close to us all the time. (According to CarolCat she hasn't changed much .)

Maybe your kitty is just feeling a bit insecure and needs reassurance.
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