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kid friendly meals, need suggestions

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Some out of town friends are coming to dinner on Friday and I need some suggestions on meal ideas. They are bringing their 7 year old son w/them.

I am completely clueless as to what kids like and dislike. Rarely do I get to cook for children, so I thought it would be fun to make something special for him.

I've looked around at allrecipes.com, but did not find anything that sounded appetizing.

What are some of the favourite meals of your children????

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Baked macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers w/ dip and potatos, franks/beans.

I think most kids like simple meals. Mine eat whatever we are eating, but in general I think kids like "kid" meals. Those suggestions I just gave are pretty kid prood I think. Hot dogs and beans are usually a big hit w/ every kid!!!!! And you can still serve something "adult" for the parents, since the franks/beans are pretty easy to make.

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Well, my friends little girl (6) likes anything she gets to help with. Most kids aren't that picky! You could always go mac n cheese homemade. I have a fabulous recipe that adults and kids like. You could also look at www.ivillage.com recipes.
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It seems to me that kids especilly like food they can dip into something...maybe chicken fingers with honey mustard or sweet& sour with french fries or mac&cheese Mandy
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If you decide on chicken fingers and fries, be sure to have plenty of "dipping" sauces. My kids like ketchup or bbq...I'd have at least one or two choices for him.

Also wanted to say, a really fun desert for kids is Jello-Jigglers. THe recipe is on the box normally. It goes over really well with all ages.

( I do homeday care, so I have a pretty tough panel of judges normally )
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Hot dogs and chicken fingers are definitely a favorite for kids. You can also make french fries or tator tots. Whatever you make, just make sure that it isn't messy. For desert, I would suggest pudding. Let us know what you come up with.
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What I would suggest is that you ask the parents if the child is allergic to any foods - that could really be horrible if you feed him something he can't eat. Burgers all always a good choice!


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My daughter is almost 6, and she likes these things:

Hot dogs & beans

Chicken fingers

shake'n'bake pork chops (I use boneless because it's easier to cut)

Terriyaki chicken or beef (marinade then sitr fry)

Hot dog octopus (cut a hot dog in half , then slice the cut edge towards the rounded end so that there are 4 'legs', bake on a cookie sheet until the legs curl up)

Peanut butter and jelly

Chicken stars soup

Drumsticks (chicken legs)

Beef cut up into barbecue sauce served like a sloppy joe (good for leftovers)

Corn on the cob

canned peaches


Fettucine Alfredo (Lipton's makes a mix)

Potatoes of any kind

Make-your-own tacos or bean burritos

Hamburger Helper

Now she does not like macaroni and cheese, so I have no idea how common her tastes are compared to other kids!

I have noticed, lots of times she eats what I eat, she just prefers it to be less spicy than I like it. And if she doesn't like it after trying a bit, she can always have PB&J or a microwaved chicken pot pie. Those are easy and quick, and she enjoys them.
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Any reason you can't ask the parents? They would be the only ones that know the answer to that question. Kids are not automatons - they are just like grownups in that they are unique individuals with their own likes and dislikes.
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Hot dog octopus (cut a hot dog in half , then slice the cut edge towards the rounded end so that there are 4 'legs', bake on a cookie sheet until the legs curl up)
Sunlion - I love this idea! After years of hating hot dogs, my kids suddenly like them. I bet they'd really get a kick out of this idea. I think I'll try it!
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I'm making stuffed cherry tomatoes, lemon butter aspargus, martha's macaroni 101, grilled salmon w/leek sauce, french bread w/raddish butter, and mint iced tea. For desert angel food cake w/strawberries. I'm also going to make some chicken fingers for Shawn. Soon I will start cooking so wish me luck.

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Good luck Safron. I am sure your meal will turn out just delicious!!

Enjoy your company.
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Sounds delicious! Good luck! Let us know how everything turns out.
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My sons ate anything, that wouldn't eat them first. The rule at our house was: eat what Mom puts on the table or, do without. I guess they got a good start: they're both, over six feet tall, healthy and handsome.
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