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lingering germs?

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I had a question about lingering germs...I have an FIV+ kitty, and had recently been fostering another FIV+ kitty- who had been isolated in my 2nd bedroom when I realized that she had come down with a cold (probably brought it with her from the shelter). She is now at the vets again so that they can keep an eye on her- and will then be going to a new home....

My question is- can her cold germs linger in the 2nd bedroom even though she's not there now? I wanted to open up the room again and let it "breathe" a bit- clean up in there, etc...but I was nervous about how to properly clean up in there and if I should keep my cat out of there for a few days still....Perhaps I'm being paranoid (yes- I'm an overprotective mom!) But it's also since my kitty has FIV- I'm being extra careful.

Would opening a window in there help? It's carpeted so I plan to vaccum- obviously completely clean out and disinfect the litterbox, and any other surfaces I can clean. Any other suggestions on cleaning tips, or how safe it is for my cat to be in that room- and how long before I should let him back in?

Thanks in advance for any tips!
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i'm not sure what the life span of cold viruses are outside the host cat, i'd check with your vet. It might be hours, or days. 10% bleach in water will help disinfect, but make sure to rinse well. There is also a veterinary disinfectant that is less toxic than bleach, i forgot what its called but its yellow in color.
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