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Creative kitty playthings

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Hi all;

Things with us and Pikachu are progressing, I actually managed to sleep until 5am yesterday for the first time since Wed!!!

She is settling and is now interested in playing. I have this ball on a stiff plastic arm that she chases around the scratch post. She isn't interested in chasing ribbons. Can you bring your kitty plaything suggestions this way??

I'm in South Africa so I don't have access to the cool stuff you guys have over there, but anything that you can find around the house that can be turned into a game would be great. I tried crunched paper balls which my other two love, but she doesn't have the idea yet.


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Do you have even those toy mouse small, simple mice.
have you tried just a square of tissue paper for her to play with?

Give her some plastic balls to roll around, golf ball, raquet ball.
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Paper bags work well. My guys love to stalk and pounce them. Must be the sound they make.
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We have a toy with a long feather on a wand they really like. They also like the laser toy, it has a red dot they can chase around (make sure you never shine it in their eyes! Or yours!).

But basically, my cats aren't picky. They love cellophane, the plastic from the milk jug, plastic soda bottle caps, boxes, paper bags, toilet paper rolls, pens, rocks, you name it - anything that rolls or makes neat noises. I laugh because if I'm studying and my kitty is being needy for playtime, I can throw just about anything on the floor and he'll go after it.

He even gets a kick out of me talking and making noises at him through a long wrapping paper roll.
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my kitten Fred is fascinated by anything on my computer screen. He'll sit for up to 5 min (a long time for a kitten) and try to capture the icon or the fish on my screen saver. However, he also walks across the keyboard and enters new items into my spreadsheets and presentations. The paper bag that someone mentioned is great. I've had one on my floor for a week and I just keep "fluffing" it back up.

Do you have access to soap bubbles (like at a toy store). Haven't tried that yet with my two, but I've heard they love it.

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My cat loves the tassles on a couple of rugs that I have but I wouldn't reccommend that .

He also likes a laser pointer (sometimes it takes a little effort to engage him but it pays off).

It's also funny to see him fish for my finger inside of a paper towel tube.

I attached a loooong piece of string to a fake furry mouse and go kitty fishing. He likes to chase the moving mouse.

I animate a crumpled piece of paper or one of his toys and then have it 'hide' in a partially closed box. He likes to fish the item out.

He has two little cloth kitty toys that he eventully learned to toss around on his own (he didn't to that until they had been around for a few months and I had been tossing them around for him).
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My kitties absolute favorite toys are the sparkly pom-poms that you get for crafts. I think they are $2 for 6 or 9 balls. Ophelia also loves silk rose buds (only the black ones, she doesn't like the burgandy ones I've tried giving her ). Basically anything that they can toss around and chase after.
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you know when you buy a gallon of milk and there is this ring around it that comes off? not the ones that break off tht ones you lift off after you open the milk? give them that. one of my cats loves it. she will play and play with it. she walks around with it in her mouth meowing. and prefers a fresh one. so we always toss the old one when we get milk weekly.
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cellophane off cigarette boxes, toilet paper rolls (empty) take a spool of thread, cut the thread off and roll the spool across the floor, crumpled small balls of tin foil, paper bags opened on the ground, cardboard boxes with holes cut in different levels on the sides that they can jump in and out of, the cardboard flats from egg cartons
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I forgot to mention Q-tips and the plastic safety seal off bottles and jars...good thing my kitties reminded me about those!

The one thing I'm so glad to know after reading everyone's posts....Ha! Your houses must be as cluttered as mine! I feel like I have to explain when people come over why there is a rock in the middle of my living room, and there are boxes and bags everywhere, but the worst part is all the little tidbits of junk everywhere!
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here's a weird one for ya'... ya' know the plastic piece that's around the cap of a milk gallon? my cat, Jade, LOVES this!

unfortunately, i found this out after buying her several toys and seeing her not play with any of them, really. i had just opened a new gallon of milk and drop the plastic thingy (i have no idea what they're actually called) on the floor and jade was on it like nothin' else. so now, that's what i give her to play with. she also loves my hair ties (the thick rubber bands with material around them so she can't swallow them). i think this is 'cause she can pick it up, bat it around, and even chase it around the apartment.

she's so hilarious when she does!
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Thanks a million guys

A lot of great ideas here... and yes we also have that plastic thingy around milk bottles too LOL, have to try that.

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