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My name is Joe and I live with two Felis catus companions, Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin.

Michaela and Tonya are sharing a bath towel.

They are both, of course, complete angels!

Michaela is the daughter and only child of Sesheta Gray, who passed away in December of 1999. Sesheta had come to live with us from a county animal-shelter; and when she arrived at her new home it became apparent she was expecting! Michaela was born in our bedroom.

Tonya came to live with us from a veterinary, whose technicians had rescued her. She'd been living in an apartment building adjacent to the veterinary; and she was abandoned in a locked room when the Homo sapiens person moved away. Fortunately, a window had been left open -- so when Tonya began to starve she leapt from the window to freedom, her daring escape thankfully observed by one of the veterinary technicians next door.

Unfortunately, the egress window was on the third storey; so Tonya was injured upon landing. Her right rear leg has healed nicely, but I can tell it still bothers her a bit from time to time. And Michaela has a heart murmer.

Both the young ladies and I are very pleased you've this wonderful web-site!

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Mr.Cat !! so glad you made your way over here, i was wondering when you would swing by

Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin are so beautiful, and what unique, interesting names

feel free to post more photos of your cats in this thread;

i'm sure you'll feel right at home here, the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

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Thank you for your kind welcome! I shall post some photographs as soon as I can. It's nice to be here!

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Welcome Mr. Cat!

I'm glad you've joined us. I look forward to hearing more about your precious fur babies. They are cute!
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Dear Joe,
Those are some pretty girls! I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have and welcome, welcome, welcome!
God Bless You & Yours,
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MrCat......so very very glad you have joined us here!!!!!!!

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Mr. Cat: Welcome to the site! Your kitties are bee-YOO- tee-ful!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you! I'll post a bit more about my cats in a little while.

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We will look forward to hearing more from you! I know Meowman is probably glad to have more men join!!! We kinda outnumber him...lol
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