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My Lucky...

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Good Morning All

A reminder of Lucky's background:

She sprays, she doesn't use the cat box. So when she does need to potty, we let her outside to do her business. Usually she is very good about letting us know when she wants out.

She is mainly an outdoor cat. We let her sleep indoors most times cause that is what she wants. But during the day, she is completely outdoors. Not my choice actually...her original owner actually lived in our house abt 15yrs ago and just ditched her after his girlfriend left him . Up to that point she was mostly an indoor cat. She seems content with the current situation, so I don't force it (especially since I cant't seem to make her stop spraying and use the cat box!)

She is on Thyroid & Anxiety medications (Methimazole 2.5mg twice a day & Amitriptyline 10mg Tablet once a day at night)

She recently (within the last 45 days) had a full blood & urine panel done and our vet found she was healthy and that there was nothing else wrong with her (other than some arthritis...)

My problem is this:

This morning I noticed she had blood in her urine. She caught me off-guard and started to do her usual spraying in our back room. When I went to spray it clean, I noticed it was red and there was a small red "blob" on the floor. I would swear, if she were a human, she would be on her period now. That is exactly what it looked like. I tried to look at her bottom, but got reprimanded verbally.

She seems healthy otherwise, she still eats her food and took her medicine just fine this morning (after the peeing incident). She does sleep alot, but she is 15-16 yrs old I don't see that as being too much of a problem.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
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I would call your vet and discuss it. blood in the urine is bad.
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My husband & I discussed it last night and I am going to call our Vet today and get her in for another urine test.

She is not going to be happy with me at all But hopefully she'll understand it is for her own health....

Too bad they can't talk to us to tell us what is wrong
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Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, it has been quite hectic! I'll post my news in "The Cat Lounge" section of the site...

I meant to let y'all know of Lucky's urine test...the vet did do the urine test on Lucky and found no traces of blood or any problems. She has also had another blood test (in fact two) and she is doing well with her Hyperthyroidism and still takes her medications well. The Pill Pockets are a godsend! Her appetite is very good and I am currently "reteaching" her how to use the cat box.

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