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I think I'm in love. And BTW - Carly loves your baby talk also, She came in while I was playing it and just started talking.
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Isn't she just soooo cute? put her in a red cross box and mail her to Denmark....
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aww shes beautiful
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Gosh, if you didn't know, you couldn't tell from that that she's blind. She's adorable!

BTW, don't worry about the guess is we all do it!
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Oh she is soooooooooooooooooo adorable i love the end
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aww I hope you find her a great home!! If you weren't so far we'd take her, i LOVE special needs first foster was Spanky, an all white blue eyed, completely deaf kitten. I love him, and miss him terribly...
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The little mew at the end is so sweet LOL!
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Aaawww, precious little Mouse, you're adorable! I wish I could give you snuggles!
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Poor baby. I'm glad you're taking such good care of her. Just 2 days ago someone brought in 2 kittens with the same problem, and I had never seen that before. Now you have one too! But, they get around almost as well as seeing kitties. I'm sure everything will work out fine. What a precious little doll...
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Aiyee!!! She's so cute! I love medium/longhairs... So pretty. Hope her eyes heal up soon though, they look kinda sore in the pictures. My eyes started to hurt looking at them... cos her eyes look so painful! Will her sewed eyelids always look this red for the rest of her life, or is it because the op's very recent? Poor precious... Hope she adapts well and lives a long happy life with you!
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She hasn't had the op yet, as the vet has had some emergencies. When her eyelids are sewn together, her eyes will look just like she's asleep and has them closed.

Also, she is going to a lovely home, so she's only going to stay with me until her eyes heal after the operation.
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Awww she has a home already!! Bless her heart

Isn't there some lovely humans walking this planet
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Awww she has a home already!! Bless her heart

Isn't there some lovely humans walking this planet

She's such a precious little doll. I'm so happy to hear she has a wonderful forever home to go to.
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I just found this thread.....OF COURSE Mouse is going to do fine! She`s a gray Tabby!
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been following your story ,what a beautiful cat so glad she has a new home, you have done a wonderful job.
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She's so precious!! I'm glad she will have a wonderful forever home!
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Today's pictures.

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Awwwww would you look at that gorgeous little cherub in fur What a beauty!
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Awww Tania...these latest pictures of sweet Mouse are reflections of the love and care that you are giving him.
You both are amazing.
Thanks for the pictures.
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She's beautiful. I loved the video, she gets around so well you wouldn't know she was blind.
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Awww She is just such a beautiful girl!!

A little tiger!!
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