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Vet Visits

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Hi everyone
I am just wondering if anyone else is a s crazy as I am. I have to take my two babies to the vet tomorrow night and I am experiencing pre-vet visit anxiety. I am sure there is nothing seriosly wrong they are just going for a check up and annual shots and to dianose some kind of ear problem(either mites or an infection) but I just hate to put them and me through the ordeal. They absolutely fear rides of any kind. Simon gets so crazy when I try to get him into the carrier unlike his sister who is always so curious about everything I will just sit the carrier out and she will walk right in so she can check it out.They haven't been back to the vet since they were spayed/neutered(about 2 yrs)and they were traumitized then...as was I,but they need their shots even though they are indoor kitties so we will go. Well thanks for letting me vent alittle. Bye for now!
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Have you tried leaving the carrier out, so the cats can get used to it, and use it as a kitty bed? It can take a while, but now my kitties have no problem using it.
When you bring them in the car, put a blanket or towel over the crate so that they can't see whats happening, give them some toys and a towel to lay on.
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Oh I certainly know how you feel! I get nervous bringing them into the doctor even though I've been through the routine a million times with other people's pets.

A few weeks back my dog wasn't feeling so well so I brought her in and had blood drawn. I was worried the Rimadyl I give her sometimes was catching up with her. As I ran her blood work my hands were shaking so badly I had a hard time fiddling with the tubes. As the vet test machine(It runs blood profiles) finished running I ran over to it and punched in the buttons to get the results up. It was the longest 30 seconds!!

I always feel bad as I hold them for their shots. They give me this look afterward that says why'd you let him do that?
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I have tried the blanket and toy/treat game while riding with Daisy and Simon but it doesn't help. I guess when they can't know why they are leaving their cozy home they will be scared. Its probably more to do with me not wanting them to be upset and the guilt I feel when they look at me as if to say "please don't make me go"& "why are you doing this" And there I sit explaining it to them hoping they will forgive me by the time we get home.

I have a great picture of Daisy & Simon I am going to try to scan in tomorrow I feel left out with all the pictures everyone has. (of course I should be working)Mandy
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Mandy - I hope that your fur babes will travel Ok and the trip will be over before you know it! Good luck with them - let us know how they made out!
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Mandy: If your cats get 'really' stressed out by it.. (foaming at the mouth) have you tried a calming rememdy for them before the vet visit? Perhaps you should talk to your vet about that and see what he/she says since they know your cats better.
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I know exactly how you feel! Our Siamese, all 5 lbs. of her turns into a fire-spitting dragon. She is declawed in front, thank heavens, or she would shred us. It is still a battle royal, getting her in the box, out of the box, and forget exams! She has mellowed out since turning 5 and the vet actually got to look(quickly) in her ears before she ripped both of us. I still have scars. I dread going and have sometimes stalled a couple months, which I know is not good. When her shots are due this year, I plan to make arrangements to bring her in and get her sedated so they can examine her and clean her teeth. A few years ago, she actually broke loose during the shot and slapped it out!
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