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Daily Thread for Monday

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Good morning everyone! I feel reeally good! I woke up to find the sun out and no clouds in the sky! Finally after a week of cold, rain, snow, and wind! I can take Rascal out! I've been working on my Excel all morning long and am studying for a production test for Word! Yuck! But will stop in later to chat. I need to work a lot harder because only two more weeks of school left before I am off for a month. Then I will be back at the end of May and will be done by the end of June! I have a lot of catching up to do here, so I will work then I will play!
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Its a cold and dreary Monday here. Only 40 degrees! Brrr... Over the weekend I saw The Source and The Sixth Sense. They were both very good movies. My twin sister is getting married in June next year, so we went to David's Bridal and she tried on wedding dresses and she had me try on bridesmaid's dresses. We also went looking for an engagement ring. We have to take hubby's car in to the dealer tonight to get the rear suspension replaced. We got a safety recall notice from Toyota last week. I have alot of math homework to do later. Have a good day everyone! :flower:
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Good day all! Things are ok on my end - very busy today though! I was at my sister's on the weekend and she gave me a suprise present, even though there was no special occasion. She gave me a frame for cat pictures and a little book called "A cat's little instruction book" It is priceless! It is written by Leigh W Rutledge. I think that at the end of every post I will include a new little tidbit from it.

1 - Always lick after meals
2 - When in doubt, chase something
3 - Keep your tail away from stoves, candles, lit cigarettes, automatic dishwasher doors, children, rocking chairs and dogs. God only gave you one tail - take good care of it
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Ugh! Cold and wet... Makes for a sour day. I can't believe it's supposed to snow tomarrow.

I had a doctor's appointment today. I always hated when the nurse calls your name and then asks if you can pee in a cup for her in front of the waiting room but today the nurse didn't thankfully! Then you're told to strip down and you're given this flimsy pink paper two piece gown. Actually I wouldn't even call it a gown it was a tank top thingy with a sheet of paper you cover everything else with. Blah!!

I made it through it though.

Have a happy Monday everyone!!
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Daughter is home from school today. Turns out it was a teacher meeting day, so my ex tried to drop her off and couldn't. She's playing outside now, getting lots of sun and fresh air. Gotta put sunblock on, though. I don't want her having skin like leather at 25 because I didn't put sun block on her.

We have already run out to the computer store and the grocery and had lunch and put a load of laundry in the dryer, so that's productive.

I have called about getting Fred neutered. He keeps trying to mate with Blackie (already neutered) and I can only imagine it's because he doesn't smell like a boy so Fred assumes he's a girl. Anyway, it's really bothering Blackie so it needs to stop.
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Even though I've been working, straight through, since last Monday, today REALLY feels like a Monday. The ONLY thing going right is work. My ex is, still, being a butthead and Bill and I aren't getting along too well, either. I went apartment hunting, this morning. Sorry to dump all this, here but I, really, don't have anyone to talk to. If/when I move out, I don't know if I'll be able to take Opie. I hope so - he doesn't expect anything, from me that I'm not able to give.
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Cindy - I am sorry you are having such a rough time - if you want to chat just pm me! We are all here for you!
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Cindy, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I remember how sad it was to leave my cats behind when my mom would move me, when I was younger. If you want I have a couple links to sites that list apartments with pet friendly landlords. Just pm if you want. Anything I can do to help!
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Sounds like everyone is having a *blucky* Monday! I am sorry for your problems Cindy - and Badhabit - I HATE those so-called gowns we have to wear! I had a Dr. appt this morning for a steroid IV treatment as the MS has been acting up. I decided it was such a crummy day out, I would play Hookey, AND I DID!!! Feels better than going ot work. Played with Goldie's babies and 'chubby hubby' made some lunch - that was good. Tomato soup and tuna sandwiches. YUMMY!
I willhave to turn my attention to a messy house and then some paperwork -
smiles eveyone......
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Cindy - don't ever feel bad about dumping stuff here. Personally, I feel like we are one big group of friends, and what else are friends for? I'm really sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time right now. I'm a firm believer that things will always work out for the best, no matter how hard it is to get there.

It's sunny and nice out today. The boss took us Admin people out to lunch since it is "Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week" or something like that. It's nice to get appreciation for what we do, and you can't beat a free lunch, but shouldn't you appreciate people every day? I do understand the thought though - everyone is so busy that you need to have a day or week set aside to remind people.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I'm so tired... but I couldn't help but pop in It's almost 11 PM here and hubby is trying to sing baby to sleep. I'm just too tired tonight to do it.

Sorry to hear it's a "blue Monday" for so many people here. Deb, you did just right to stay at home - sometimes we need to just rest and be pampered

You know, I've been away for almost 3 months now and it's amazing to see how many "new" active members there are. So many alpha cats and adult cats that I don't even know - wow! I sure miss being here. I keep telling myself I ought to spend more time on the forums. It's not as if it's a chore - I really do want to chat around with more people, it's just that the days seem to be over so soon and I don't have time to do half the things I plan to do every day. Oh, well
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Hi Anne! Its great to see you posting. I bet Ron is getting so big now, he must be adorable!

It was a blah day on Cape Cod. Yucky. Rainy, cold, and just downright dreary. But the "snow" they predicted didn't arrive!!! yay

I had both my daycare kids cancel on me so I had a day off unexpectedly. Always a nice surprise! I got laundry done instead! LOL , just what I wanted to do!!
Fear Factor is on tonight, I love that show. I actually love the host Joe Rogan, he is so charismatic!! I think I watch it just cause I like him!! Don't tell hubby that though, he might be jealous!

Hope everyone is enjoying their evenings.
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Cold, snowy, and back to work...I hate Mondays.
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