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My little princess......Gabby!

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I moved my pics from my digital camera and I had 183 of them! 126 were of gabby and cj! so lucky you guys will get to reap the benefits!!!

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What a gorgeous girl!!!
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
What a gorgeous girl!!!

Aww thanks... And boy does she know it! One of the prissy-est cats I have every had!! She does adore CJ though.... as I think you can see in these pics...

And another of just Gabbers

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How precious! I really need to stop by this Forum more often! I loved looking at these pictures! Thanks for making me smile.
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Your kitties make a lovely couple!
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Awww what a pair of cuties! They look just like gurgling babies when they lie on their backs clutching their toys
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Great pics!! They are just so adorable!
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So cute!
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Aww how sweet is that!!
....And now I understand your username!
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we loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gabby
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Gayef: My babies always make me smile, I am glad they were able to make you smile too. Everytime I see them sleeping I get warm fuzzies.

Jdpesz: Sometimes they are funny looking because they are polar opposites in build. Gabby is short and stocky, really big boned. CJ is really long, skinny, tall, and very graceful. He prances when he walks. Gabby reminds me of a bulldog, CJ like a show horse.

Susan: I love it when they are on their backs. I want to kiss their furry tummies (and believe me when I say I do all the time!) Gabby has just recently started playing with that toy in the past 3 days, but always has it with her now. Funny, its been in their toy box for almost a year now.

MoochNNoodles: Thanks I think they are a couple of lookers myself!

Agent Haun: Thanks, I think the same for your kits, esp. poodle!

Sweetiecat3: When I picked my name I only had CJ, but it seemed to fit. Now I have Gabby too, but she knows I love her as well.

Sbw999: I am kinda sweet on her too! CJ is my buddy though, he has such a sweet little personality. Gabby on the other hand is so clumsy she is always great for a laugh.
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They're so cute together!
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