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Q please

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I am new here. I will apoligize now for usuing the wrong sub board.

I have two new cats. Pics are as shown

Does anyone have an idea whatbreed or type the white cat may be?
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You have adorable kitties! I them!
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They are sooo beautiful!!!
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How precious! Those sweet little faces and such expressive eyes! Bet they're a little spoiled, huh?
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Wow! They are both gorgeous!!!! If you didn't receive "papers" when you bought the kitten, then he is a gorgeous domestic long hair.
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aaaaaww aren't they little beauties!?
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Very cute babies!!
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What darlings!
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they are quite gorgeous ..the grey one almost looks like a Ragdoll kitten, but impossible to know without papers. Although Ragdolls have a unique characteristic of growing little tufts of fur between their toes. My Blueberry is a Ragdoll. Your other looks like a cute little domestic short hair. Coincidentally he looks like Hobbs as a kitten too! Enjoy them
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if you just are looking for descriptive terms...
a red domestic shorthair mackeral tabby
a pointed domestic longhair - i can't tell from the one pic what color the points are - they look like either tortie points or lynx [tabby] points.
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That is a beeeeautiful colorpoint domestic longhair and a lovely orange tabby domestic shorthair.

Wonderful pics!
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Welcome to the website! your kittens are beautiful. i've done quite a bit of work with felines, so i'm pretty definite the kitten on the right is an red domestic short hair (mackeral tabby), and the one on the right looks like it is a Snowshoe Siamese. They are quite gorgeous. Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions I could help you with.
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