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Do cats get bored?

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It is possible for cats to be bored and perhaps depressed? One of my neighbors cat looks bored and depressed. He just sits around and sleeps about 80% of the day. There is another cat in the household, but the two don't play together very often. The cat is about 10 months old, and was from a feral litter, but he hasn't been outside since last summer. We thought he might not like being an indoor cat.... not sure, but he does look sad to me, sometimes just staring into space, when not sleeping.
Wish there was a Cat Whisperer to answer many of these questions we have.
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I am sure they do. That is why I play with mine an hour a day. To keep them entertained, as well as get them some exercise.
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Thats a great question, and one I've always wondered about. I think grown cats are solitary type creatures, and they sleep like 12 or more hours a day. For those of us that have more than one cat, they play, until they are done, and it doesnt take them long to get tired of that playing. My cats play with their "toys" but not for terribly long. And when I play with my cats, they will play for a few minutes and then get bored with that, and go on their merry way. The bottom line is that I think most cats are pretty content just to play a little bit when they feel like it, survey their territory at their leisure, and then hang around not doing anything in particular. So I think Im a lot more concerned about my cats being bored, than they are I will say that it is possible for a cat to just be mopey and not "with it" emotionally for many reasons. Im not sure there is much that can be done about that, other than being patient and understanding.
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Absolutely. Cats get bored. Cats get depressed. Cats having feelings and emotions. I have a bored cat on my hands right now. Rocket has been an absolute pill since Tommy left. Whenever he's not eating, sleeping, or playing, he's going around the house yowling....driving me nuts. I don't know exactly what he's feeling, but he's not happy and it started immediately when he missed Tommy.

I have to get another cat to keep him company.
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when they're bored they will usually look for something to do and that's when they start playing with things you don't want them touching, and like people, they will overeat, they will oversleep and end up having health problems.
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Cats do get depressed. Kelvin's previous owner was killed in a tragic accident, and when he came to me he refused to come out from under the bed for three weeks. He was mourning his owner ,he was upset by the move, and he had no other cats to keep him company.
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A friends cat got dipressed some years ago, when the dog of the house died...she was looking for him in every corner and lost around 1 kilo of weight in the next 2 months...she recovered later when a new baby arrived in the house...(!!!) Maybe it was just a coinsidence since cats tend to be jealous but..how knows..
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I would say that cats do get bored and depressed.

I have a picture of Cindy when we first got her from the shelter, and the look on her face just struck me as one very depressed kitty. You would never know now that she's the same cat.
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