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Is she hurting herself?

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My kitten is an indoor baby. Our apt is relatively shoebox-size. The longest space for Zissou to run in is from the front door straight to the bathtub, and she's 6 months almost exactly, so she runs back and forth for what seems like hours sometimes.

What is sort of worrisome about this is, well, how klutzy she seems sometimes. She will slip on the linoleum, crash into doors, run into our legs (when we're standing still), fall off the side of the tub, skid sideways into the corner of the wall, etc. It seems super odd to me, but she never seems hurt. I can't imagine coming through some of her falls/slips.etc and emerging unscathed, though. If she was hurting herself, would she stop? Should I put up a bunch of pillows?
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Haha, I've thought of lining my apartment in bubble wrap at times too.... Oliver's 4 but he sometimes goes on these crazy energy spurts (usually after a big poo, haha) and I'm in a studio apartment so there's not much room, but he'll race from his cat room, leap onto and launch off of my bed, skid into the kitchen, turn around, fly under the dining table, into his cardboard box, out of the box, zoom through the living area and end with the big finale of a face plant into the window as he leaps up onto his window shelf to eat some kitty grass... I've never noticed him actually hurt himself and am always scared to put myself between the tazmanian devil-like flying ball of fur and wherever he's headed for fear of hurting one of us.... so I dont really have an answer for ya, but you're not alone!
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My kittens both run around like chooks with their heads cut off and I hear the most awful bangs sometimes, but usually they just shake their heads and then continue on with what they are doing!

I think they have very hard heads!
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I had a cat once named Buttons who absolutely adored chasing those little rainbow-colored balls up and down my Ranch-O'Rama bowling alley-style hallway. We got to the point where we actually called it "cat bowling". We would throw a ball down the hallway and Buttons would go careening after it at breakneck speed only to crash and burn into the wall at the end of the hallway. I ~had~ to start stacking up cushions from my sofa because of the danger of serious injury, but would he stop? Ummm ... Nope! I think he would have died happy had he broken every single bone in his body chasing that little rainbow-colored ball.
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Sounds like a normal day in my house!
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Kittens are very resilient little things She's just playing so I wouldn't worry. My two play chase on the kitchen wooden floor and constantly collide into each other or the walls etc If she hurts herself, you will know
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It sounds normal Abby also went through an awkward growing phase where she just kept misjudging her jumps and was a total klutz. I felt bad for her, but she did outgrow it.
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If that was hurting yourself my two would be brain damaged by now!!
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Sounds normal. I don't think it's a lack of space issue necessarily. My grown girls still do this sometimes, and they are indoor/outdoor cats in a large house. That doesn't stop them from randomly tearing through the house and running into each other along the way.

You might get her a cat house though. Since she can't go side to side very far, she might as well go up. It might help her coordination skills a little, too.
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Mine young boys are indoor outdoor cats as well but they still sped hours running round the house jumping over furniture, dogs, etc...

We have tiled floors so skidding to a halt befor or against the wall is also a normal occurance
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I wouldn't worry too much. Our Charlie regularly goes tearing into the bathroom, screeches to a halt (usually too late), and bashes head first into the side of the tub. I'm amazed he's not brain damaged by now , but he keeps on doing it. When our 2 (Casey and Charlie) are playing they often bash off walls and door frames, it never seems to slow them down though.
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What a relief!
Its good to know she's not alone in her klutziness. She is growing like a weed, and I remember when I was in middle school how I would misjudge things and fall flat on my face. She's about triple the size she was when she was 2 and a half months.

I think I'm just worried because I used to live with a cat that smashed head-first at full-speed into a floor mirror. He really did get brain damaged So I guess I'm worried about Zissou.

She does like to go up!!! And has a window perch thing. We can't really afford one of those huge cat trees. She goes outside on a harness when its warm enough (which is not often, in the Snow Belt in February). Its like little kids who just spin in circles to get rid of pent up energy. Why can't I bottle some of her energy and have it for breakfast!
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