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A big day is coming up!

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Mooch and Noodles will be 1 year old on Saturday! I'm so proud of my big girls! DH and I want to do something for their Birthday so we're trying to come up with stuff. DH's idea is to give them a can of cat food each with pounce treats stuck in it. I'm not thinking we'll get their pictures with Birthday hats on but I might try!

So what have you done to celebrate your furbabies birthdays? Did you bake something edible for them? (if so can you share a recipe?) Any other ideas?

It might be silly sounding to some people...but I can't wait for their birthday! I do think a trip to PetSmart is in order!
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Oooo their FIRST birthday!!!! That's a very big day indeed!!

I did a google search and came up with this:
for the cats. You can just replace the dogfood with a couple cans of catfood!

For my cats' birthday, I make a regular cake....for people...and I buy the some toys & treats and put it in a nice little gift bag with a card and everything And sing happy birthday and all that. FUN!!

Happy 1st Birthday (in advance) Mooch & Noodles!!
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How fun!

On my furbabies birthdays, I get a can of moist food and stick a birthday candle in it, light it up, sing and what not. (Always careful not to let the kitties get too close to the lit candle.) The candle is blown out, and the birthday cat can get a special dinner.
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How exciting! Happy early birthday kitties!

Harley will be 1 in June, I can't wait either - how fast the time goes!

I hope you figure out something fun for them!

Lots of kitties 1st birthdays are happening lately - how fun!
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How exciting for Mooch and Noodles!! I've never celebrated a birthday for Reilly (Jeff can't remember when he got him) but when I had my kitty Muggins, I cooked her real fish up and gave her lots of treats!
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Oh joy! What an exciting day this will be for you, Mooch and Noodles! Sierra always gets a special home baked treat such as her favorite fish, fresh Mahi Mahi, from the local seafood market! A candle on top is a must, as are wrapped Birthday presents!Serenity will be having her first Birthday in May, and we're planning similar festivies for her special day, as well!
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Thanks for the ideas. I'm about to check the recipie out and cooking up some real fresh fish for them sounds awesome!!!
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