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Miss Kitty quotes Cartman

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"I'm not fat, I'm just big-boned!!"
And she's officially right.
We went to the vet yesterday and Miss Kitty has a clean bill of health, spay sway and all. The poor vet tech who took her to be weighed picked her up and said "wow, she's heavier than she looks!" So knowing MK is a big girl, I asked about what else we can do to bring it down (she was at 15lbs, she's now 13lbs 9oz). Well, the vet said she looks good. She's just a big-boned girl. The vet could feel her backbone, ribs, hips and shoulders, and Missy Kitty has a big head and big feet. So the vet says she's fine, despite her large spay sway. The vet didn't even have a problem with the spay sway, since she says a LOT of spayed kitties have them, even skinny spays.
So I am happy for my Miss Kitty girl. She has a clean bill of health!
By the way, Zoe got a clean bill of health, too, but I wasn't as worried about her. lol
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Yay for Miss Kitty and Zoe! Yup, she's a big-boned gal, and don't forget it!
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How good to hear that! Nothing wrong with big boned kitties! I have one too!
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Nothing wrong with a big boned lady! Marilyn Monroe was full figured, too!

Oliver's the same way- he was about 2lbs overweight before we moved from our teeny NY apartment to a bigger one in Chi. Getting Emma helped a great bit as well, since they chase each other around all the time, and he's at a good weight now ( about 13.5 lbs) but he's just a BIG dude. Big paws, big old head, wide shoulders. If he were a human, he'd be a linebacker.
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