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Well i started to give her some semi solid food,the one you all advised me,i hope i got the right thing,cuz the store doesn't really have specialy for that.I think shes ok though.I woke her up and gave her the mixture and am still giving her,shes taking only a bit,but can't really eat on her own so i 'm feeding her constantly
Also, look at everyone here's location, in the right hand corner opposite our name. If you live anywhere near me in NW Illinios,
That's very kind,but i'm not even in the country.I'm from Europe,from Romania.But thank you for youre care.
Unless you can afford to burn a couple of vacation days at home with this little one and provide 24/7 attention and care, it may be for the best to seriously consider the suggestion of handing
Well..i have school 5 or 6 hours a day and theres no one home to take care of her.I asked my mom to let me stay at home for a couple of days and she agreed,so i can take care of him.So 'im with him constantly.
Tomorow i'm taking him to the vet.Until then i will continue to feed him and hopefully he'l feel better.
Thank you again for youre advice.
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Is she taking the food from your fingers? If you can get her to lap it from your fingers, then you can slowly move your fingers down towards the dish to lead her to lap from there instead.

You are doing great, just make sure she continues to eat, Marin. It is critical that she receive the proper nutrition now and it is up to you to make that happen for her. If you cannot and she is not eating at all, you will lose her. So it really is a matter of life and death for her.
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Bună marin.

If you have time to be on the computer, then you will have time to take the cat to the vet. Please do it sooner than later. I hate to think what will happen to the little one if you don't go. Tania and everyone else have given you sound advice - when people like them give you that kind of advice, the best thing to do is listen and heed what they have to say.
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Any update? How is the kitten doing? Is she eating at all?
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Hi Marin. Well today is the big day. Please drop by and tell us how your visit to Vet went with your tiny bundle there. I hope that you are able to get something suitable to feed the little one from the Vet even if not from anywhere else.
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Well everyone!I just took her to the vet this morning.He did the usual check,but just by looking at her you could see that he wasn't ok.I was afraid for her not to frezze to death cuz it'a cold and snowing here.So all i could think about was to wrap here around as tight as i could and put a hot water bottle in the basket.I told the vet i've been feeding her Pedyalite and KML and kitten food and so on and he told me it's ok and that i should keep it up and continue to feeed her as often as i can.He said he wasn't dihadrated very much and gave some vitamins,or nutriments of some sort.I don't know what there called.Pretty expensive anyway.But i should give her these nutriments each time she eats and them more rarely if she begins to recover.In a nutshell,shes going to make it,although the vet proposed me for him to take her to a shelter until she had grown more,but right now i'm not ready to relenquish it.
So that's it.I have to continue feeding her and keep her warm.Btw is it ok if i keep here next to the heater?
Anyway thanks for youre advice.I hope i have the time,because the patience i do have,to tke care of her.
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I'm glad you went to the vet and the kitten appears to be doing well.

If at some point you feel you are unable to give this little baby the time it deserves, please follow your vet's instructions and take it to the shelter. It wouldn't be considered "giving up" on your part. A 4 week old kitten demands a lot of time and attention and many of us would not be up to this challenge.

Good luck, and please keep us updated.
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Good news Marin. I commend you for trying to do all that you can for this little one. I know things can be extremely difficult in a place like Romania when it comes to animals. It's a good idea to keep her near the heater but not right next to it. Kind-of where you'd sit if you were sititng there for a couple of hours in front of it.

Is the kitten a male or female? Have you named him/her yet?

Please keep us updated on his/her progress and feel free to ask any questions.
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Is the kitten a male or female? Have you named him/her yet?
It's a she and i haven't yet.I gotta keep her alive first i guess.Actually she just got out of her box and is wandering aroud the romm smelling things,shes not meowning as much now and seems better.I proposed feeding her evey hour for start and then when she gets better i'l take log\
ger intervals.Only now do i see how cute she is.I keep the room pretty warm and so i'm gonna let her wanderer around a bit.At least shes not scared so much,shes actually enjoyng my presence.Howewer,and this could be a problem,shes scared of the others.Maybe because i'm the only one that spend time with her.
Tank you for your concern and tips,she'l make it.
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Don't worry too much about her being scared of other people right now. You have become her Mum and she may be afraid of other people for a while yet. Once she is a bit bigger and stronger, you can slowly introduce her to the rest of the family, and I'm sure that in time, she'll get to know and love everyone.
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Wonderful job, Marin! If you have the time and patience to care for this baby, sometimes that is the most important thing. If she is able to get out and explore, that is a very good sign.

One thing I love about TCS is how people post from all over the world. Although we may not live near each other, I feel like we are neighbors since we have met on-line. Best of luck with your little baby!
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Thanks for the update, glad to hear she is eating!
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Both you and your kitten will be in my prayers Marin.
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Marin, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that your kitty has been to the vet and it's looking good for her survival.

I just recently realized you were in Romania and that you may have more difficulty than we would here in North America getting help for your little one.

Thank you and bless you for taking this baby kitten in and caring for her.
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I just recently realized you were in Romania and that you may have more difficulty than we would here in North America getting help for your little one.
Yeah,for me it's kinda expensive,the vet and i hope it's the last itme i'l be taking her.But i guess a vet is the same all over,right?
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I just read your thread and am so happy your little girl is doing ok. Yah vets are expensive all around. Its the obligation you take on everytime a pet comes into the home though. Autumn needs a dental cleaning this month so she won't lose any teeth, expensive, but worth it. Make sure to get her spayed when shes old enough. Also from now up to 16 weeks is a huge time for social development. This will set her personality for life. This is usually why kittens need to stay with mom for a while to learn manners from siblings and such and of course getting used to humans. Just make sure you hold her a lot, putting her on her back, getting her to trust you. This process in the next couple of months will be very important on your part. Of course since you are her mommy now she will bond extra strong to you.
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Marin, I am so happy that you took your kitten to the Vet.

It is an incredible responsibility that you have undertaken, becoming Mommy to your kitten and one that I am sure you will find very rewarding.

I hope that she continues to do well and thrives under your care, please keep us updated on your joint progress.
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Thank you again for your care.Shes doing fine.I even let her into other rooms to explore,of course she never strays to far from me.
Btw should i give her a bath,cuz i don;t see her licking herself.Or should i wait for her to grow a bit more.
Oh and another thing.Until when should i continue giving her KRM and Pedyalite?
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I would not bath her, especially in this winter weather. You can encourage her to clean herself by rubbing her gently with a slightly damp towel to give her the feeling of cleaning herself. Good lick with her - I know it is not easy when it is difficult to find all the things you think you might need!
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Originally Posted by Marin
Oh and another thing.Until when should i continue giving her KRM and Pedyalite?
Do you mean when you should stop giving her formula? At 5-6 weeks they will start sampling wet foods. You can start supplementing the wet foods into the diet but continue the KMR until she starts eating a healthy amount of food on her own. (you can really tell at that age, as their bellies get so full and rounded)
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Considering she has had a very rough start, I'd continue the KMR for about a month - its not gonna hurt her. She needs extra nutrition right now. Once she is eating a normal amount of canned cat food and some dry, you can gradually reduce the KMR. In the mean time, use KMR in the canned food.

Be careful of her getting too hot by the heater. Too much heat can kill just as well as being too cold.
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any updates?
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Shes doing fine,runing round the house(whne shes not sleeping lol) and exploring.I try not to let her near dangerous thingh that might fall on her.Shes still afraid of other people but i guess it'l pass.Right now,shes only confortable near me.A leave her food and water before i go to school and when i come back i give her the KML and vitamins.She doesn't seem to mind being all alone.
Anyway i'm worried her belly has swollen more than usuall.Is it bad,cou;d she have worms?
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I don't know about the worms, but I am sure someone that has more experience will be around soon to answer.

I am so glad to hear she is doing well.
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It is possible she has worms. You can either describe her symptoms to the vet, take a stool sample to the vet or get some worming medication from your vet. Be sure to make sure she gets the right dose.
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