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my vet fear

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I don't know where to post this because it has to do with me, not my cats.

Tom died last december. He was first misdiagnosed by a vet, when I changed vets they found what the problem was [diabetis].
I had lots of arguments with the new vets because of the way they handled tom, I thought they were to tough with him. He was a big cat and he was very strong, the vets had alot of trouble handling him but I still hated the way they grabbed him.
The new vets also made a mistake with tom which made him had convulsions, etc.. so there goes another big mistake from a vet.

I switched to another one, he treated Tom really well but he was also fairly new and had more experience with dogs, not cats. He never made a mistake but a part of it was because I had studied so much about feline diabetis that I corrected him a few times when he was adjusting the amount of insulin tom should have. I was very happy to find a vet that was willing to listen to me [before then all the other vets got upset whenever I asked to many questions or if I showed them how much I knew about feline diabetis. They seemed to want me to take there word without hesitation.]

anyway.. tom was put to sleep for other reasons [he developed a back problem that was irreversible, I could only stop it from getting worse.] At this point, tom went downhill extremely fast, he could barely walk and he started showing the beginning of some neurological problems.
I decided it was time for him to rest.

Here's my problem,
I have 4 cats. I've become incredibly scared of vets.
The experience I went through with tom made me lose trust in vets, I don't want to see any of my other kitties go through something similar.
I've also started worrying that if I take any of my cats to a vet they'll be diagnosed with something fatal and they'll die. Not misdiagnosed [but I'm also scared about that too], its also about being afraid a vet may find a problem with my cats that I'm not aware of and they'll die.

cats obviously need to go to the vet for check ups, etc.
I can't avoid vets, its impossible and I'ld never not take a sick kitty to the vet just because of my fear.
I would continue with my last vet, he was wonderful, but he transfered to another city.
I was wondering if anyone could relate to my problem or if someone has gone through this and has been able to overcome it.

the thought of taking any of my cats to a vet makes me extremely anxious.
any advice on how I can stop being so afraid of vets?
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So sorry that you went through so much with Tom. Poor kitty. RIP Tom.
Can you call your last vet (who you liked, but he moved) and ask him to recommend someone? If we knew what town you were in, someone here on TCS may be able to recommend one too. Most of us are on the picky side about that.
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Did you check the phone directory. What you might want to do is determine how far you would have to drive to do to a vet and check out vets in that driving range. I remember a vet that I had here when I had my first cat. He diagnosed MC with some odd disease-had to take all these pills, etc....turned out after I stopped going to him due to us moving he got arrested for fake illnesses and related stuff!! Do you know any other pet owners. Or how about calling boarding facilities or find out local breeders and see how they use??
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You have taken the first step by realizing there is a problem. I like Gail's idea of asking boarding facilities and breeders who they are using.

I totally understand what you are saying. A part of me wants to keep my cats home, give them a shot of penicillin when they are sick, and give them their vaccinations, too. (They sell them at a store nearby). What keeps me going to the vet is fear of missing something important...and the vet techs. I love my vet techs! I know which ones I see at the spay/neuter clinics for TNR, and they see me there. I KNOW they care about cats.

And the fact that my vet sent a condolence card when we put an animal down there...it is so important to know they do care!
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