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She's at it again!

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Sugarly is displaying her antisocial behaviour again! In October, when I found this site Sugarly was going to the bathroom all over the house. After treatment she stopped and became more cat like then she had ever been (playing etc). She has always been our most timid cat and the other 4 team up on her. On Friday night she started howling in a weird, eerie way. She then tried to pee on the couch, but ended up peeing under the bed. She then pooped in the basement - not in her box. She was ok on Saturday - unless she peed somewhere we aren't aware of. Last night she pooped on my comforter while I was changing the bed. We have put her back on her kitty cat prozac and have isolated her in the laundry room from the other cats - she cried all night! The laundrey room is set up with her cat bed, food, water and a litter box far awaay from her food. She also has toys down there. I don't know what else to do - any ideas? I hate having to lock her up, but we can't have her using the house as a toilet. The last time this started was 6 months ago. There have been no changes in our house except that we openned the windows last week when it was hot.
Help please!
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Ady - did you call the vet? Maybe she isn't feeling well? God I hate when they get all weirded out on ya - did she get in a fight with the others?
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I don't really have any advice for ya Ady, I'm sorry. Poor kitty, poor you!

What was the treatment that worked last time?

Have you tried the Bach's flower remedy? I've never used it, and I'm not sure if it is applicable in your situation, but it seems like a lot of people here have had success with it.

Why don't the other kitties leave her alone? Do you think they got in a fight and she's scared and mad? Is she getting any attention?
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Ady - I am so sory for you and the fur babe. I would call the Vet first and just get a check up to be sure. let us know........
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Talked to the vet today and he seems to think it is the same situation as before - antisocial acting out. He suggested putting her back on the anti-depressants. The other cats always gang up on her - that hasn't changed though - that is always the case. She gets plenty of attention from John & I - alot of snuggles and playtime 9individual time just her and me). The only change I can think of is the weather? I'm scoobered!
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Girls...... so unpredictable

I wonder why the others gang up on her, poor thing. Is she witchy to the others, or smaller? Do you get after the others for ganging up on her? I feel for her. Ya know, people with depression and mental illness are VERY seasonal, so maybe it is because SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Good luck ady, I hope she gets better!
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She is very timid, therefore the other cats think they can beat her up. I stop them everytime I see it happening - but I am not there all day!
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