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decorating question

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Hey all you decor-know-it-alls. What fabrics are safe to cover lamps with????

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ask martha!

was just looking at her diy lamps on there. might help.
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Thanks!! I'm thinking of putting fabric on the ceiling and I am just being cautious of the light!!
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I hope you'll post pics when you've finished1 i'm re-doing my room too. want some grown-up girly glamour!
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Right on. I'm trying to make a super romantic room for when Hubby comes home for his 2 week break in a few months.
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what colours are you going for? we can swap tips!
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I have a lovely blue, gold and mauve duvet cover that my father had made out of a sari from India when he was there. I'm aiming to have different shades of blue and gold in the room with just a little of the mauve. What about you???
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pink and chocolate brown i think!

the sari sounds lovely.
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Oh that sounds wonderful!!! I would love pink in my bedroom but I think DH would protest!!!
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OK so I had to edit that last one because I totally lost the thread idea there.... let me jsut say that your colour choices sound fab!
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I just bought a bunch of pink ostrich feathers to place in a vase, for the cats as much as me! They last longer than flowers.

I put up shelves once with hot glue because i couldnt be bothered to do it properly, and they fell down and nearly KO'd my friend!
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Nicky!!! LOL you sound like me ha ha. I'm planning on some oak shelves above the bed so I'd better put them up right or I might not wake up one morning!! :-O
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yes, mine were over the bed!

(and thats the rather edited version of the story... )

I am a cushion fiend right now, i have bought so many cushions!! They make your bed so comfy!
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That is one thing DH would detest!! He cannot stand having to search for the bed through all the fluff!!! I do have a few oversized ones for the floor though
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yes, my ex was the same! but thats the joy of being signle agaiN! can have everything ym way and no-one can complain! lol
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