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Beau Update

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Here's our little cutie Beau again. New pics from the breeder showing us his progress. one more month to go!

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What a cutie! You are so lucky!
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Oh mymy - he is just the sweetest little guy!!
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What a little sweetie pie he is

I so envy you
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A bengal baby!!!! WOOHOOOOO! He is PRECIOUS!!!!
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I just want to squish him!!!
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if there is anything cuter in the animal kingdom on the face of the earth than a little kitten I havernt seen it
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I am so jeleous of you!

I am in love! Look at those big blue eyes!
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He is adorable, I had to wait until I could take my Beau home too. So I know how you feel.
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He is so cute!! I just love his eyes!!!
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