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My how things change....

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As most of you all know, I've not been on in quite awhile! I got the recent issue of Kittybites today and was reading through it... oh my. Cathi was amazing. She will really be missed.

Its odd, I haven't been on in so long and right around New Years I had this nagging feeling that I needed to get back onto TCS. Nagging nagging feeling. But I figured most of you all wouldn't even remember poor little me and my three kitlits. But then I get Kittybites and the news. I'm at a loss as to what to say. I signed on, and most of the posters are new, I only knew two or three of the members signed on right now. How things change. Wow.

Okay, Done rambling in typical Amber fashion. Missed you all, hope to be on more often. Will update about the kitlits soon.

Thoughts and prayers with Blondiecat's family and friends.
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Hi Amber! It's good to see you again! I look forward to the updates on you and the kitties.

Cathi's loss was quite a hit to many of us here who knew her. What's ironic is that Cathi had also been gone for quite a while, but started posting again about a month before her heart attack. It's funny how we just seem to know something, even if we don't know what that is...

We did create a little website for Cathi. I do know that her family is looking at it, if you would like to sign the Guest Book there.
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Hi, Amber! I wondered where you had disappeared to, and am glad to see you back. Yes, Cathi's passing was quite a shock, and yes, there have been a number of changes here, but a lot of the "older" members are still around, just spread out over more forums.
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Welcome back!!! Its funny I looked at your address again and I'm enjoying a Rolling Rock as I type!!
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Thanks for the hello's! How are you guys' kitlits?

Scrolling through the posts I don't see any from Susie (Kittyluvr4ever), which is unusual...did she abandon us?
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Hi Amber, welcome back!!! It does seem like alot of the "older" members are disappearing Good to see you back!!
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Welcome back. I still feel like a newbie but I'm beginning to think I'm segwaying into the "oldie" category, since so many of the "oldies" when I joined have moved on. Where do you sign up for the kittybites newsletter? I'm pretty sure I signed up for it at one point or another...but I may be hallucinating.
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Hi Amber . It's so good to see you posting again. Can't wait to get an update on the kitlets. Keep in touch
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Hey amber welcome back!

Susie didnt abandon us.. she left for personal reasons
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Hey Fwan!! I think you got a new addition since I've been gone! How is Teufel?
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I remember you, welcome back!
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Hi Amber! Welcome back.
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Welcome back! It is good to see familiar names, especially with Kathi gone and hissy leaving us.
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Nice to see you posting again! Welcome back!
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Welcome back Amber! Nice to have you back with us!
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Hi Amber - course I remember you! Welcome back you lot it's good to see you again
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