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Question for vet techs: Frontline Plus?

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I know the cat & dog formulas of Advantage & basic Frontline are the same & the large dog dose can be safely divvied up between multiple cats , but does anyone know whether or not the same thing applies to Frontline Plus?

I slipped and missed a few weeks on the cats' & dogs' flea meds, and now we're in a full-blown infestation, and I'm allergic to flea bites *scratching madly*

Would Frontline Plus speed up getting things under control any faster than regular Frontline or Advantage?

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I can't tell you if Frontline Plus has the same formula for dogs or cats, but from my personal experience it doesn't work nearly as well as Advantage. We had a horrible infestation this summer and were using frontline plus and it just wouldn't kill the fleas. We switched to Advantage after the recommendation of a few vets and friends and (along with LOTS of cleaning) had the problem greatly reduced in a few weeks.
But that's just my experience with the two. Good luck with your fleas! We finally had to throw out a bunch of carpet that we just couldn't get clean, I hope you don't have to go that far!

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Thanks I may go back to using Advantage next month, then.
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Because of my experience, I personally do not use Fro. Pls. It just never worked that well for me. Even the first dose didnt kill all of the fleas, and the second dose killed even less of them. By the time the 30 day mark rolled around, you'd never had thought that I'd put a thing on them. I called and asked why, and they said that it was killing all the fleas and I needed to use it more. (which was impossible, as i was already applying it for the alotted one-dose-per-month).

I have a friend at the vets' office who has indoor/outdoor cats and even in the thick of summer, her cats dont have a single flea on them with Advntg., but my strictly indoor kitties were being eaten alive by them on fro. pls.
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Ah, thank you! I'll definitely go for Advantage.

Does anyone know if it's safe to apply Advantage mid-month, or if I have to wait 'til 30 days after the Frontline dosage?
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I'd wait, just to be safe.
it might seem like just a little bit, but those chemicals can cause very strong reactions when given too much.

(not quite a tech, sorry)
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You could split Frontline Plus safely but it would mean a lower dose of meds because the percentages are not the same. I personally have never had good luck with Frontline at all. I use Advantage pretty much exclusively and have very good results - and because I'm splitting large dog tubes, it ends up costing less than $2 per dose!
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I'd switched to Frontline because one of my dogs likes to go swimming, but water resistance isn't much help if it doesn't get rid of the fleas in the first place.

I was hoping the Frontline Plus would be better, but it doesn't sound like it.

Back to our trusty Advantage we go, as soon as I can buy some more.

Thanks for the info!
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