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Oh dear, I do hope that there is nothing serious wrong. She is a darling and was doing so well.
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Just an update on Mouse.

She is doing just OK. I have begun to syringe-feed her some canned kitten food. We both end up covered in it and Mouse just ends up upset and shaking.

She vomited after the formula a couple of times, so it may be too rich for her, hence the swap to kitten food. She does drink a little bit of water on her own but is still refusing to eat at all. I'm offering her different foods, trying to think of what she ate when she was on her own. She has ignored everything. I'll try other things and try and find something she will eat.

After the last feed, I was holding her wrapped in a towel as she was shaking. I talked softly to her, giving her scritches on her face. I asked her what she wanted, what do I do with her? I was really wondering whether she has any quality of life.

And she started purring and purring.

I know that the purring could be that she is frightened or stressed but she often begins to purr and do head smooshes (like head-bumps but very soft) once all the drama of the syringe-feeding is over.

She hasn't ever really eaten on her own since she's been here. She's taken maybe 5 mouthfuls on her own in that time.

I don't want to give up on her and I don't want her to give up on herself but I don't want her to become more distressed by being force-fed all the time.

I am taking her to the vet tomorrow for another thorough check-up and to see if there's anything we can give her to boost her appetite and demeanour.
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Tania,I just read through your thread here of Mouse......oh how my goes out to you and the little darling........please know my thoughts and prayers are with you both. Let us know what the vet says.........KEEP FIGHTING LITTLE MOUSE!
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Tania and both are in my prayers.
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Come on Mouse!!!

Thinking of both of you in this hard time!!
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Tania, how's it going with you and little Mouse? I've been thinking about you both all day today ...


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Sorry for the delay in updating - kittens, kittens, kittens!

I moved Mouse from the kitten pen to my bathroom, where she has a lot more room. I put down a beef flavoured kitten sachet for her (even though I knew she wouldn't touch it) and left her in there overnight afer a lovely 2 hour cuddle with her. Went into the bathroom this morning and her bowl is licked clean! She had also done 3 little wees in her tray, meaning she is drinking as well.

I figure the kitten pen reminded her of the cage at the vet, so she just sat and slept, not eating or drinking.

She is a changed kitten today, curious, cheeky (giving me bites on my lip) and very playful. It's amazing what a bit of good food and a lift in spirits can do.

If she keeps eating and drinking for another few days and when she's really good, probably late next week, I'll arrange for her to have her operation.

Also, if she's strong enough, I'd like her spay to be done at the same time I know it's an extra operation for her to recover from but it means she won't have to be given another general anaesthetic later on.

Thank you for all your prayers and vibes for Mouse. She is a little sweetheart and I'm so, so glad, she's on the way up.
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Awww Tania that made me feel all fuzzy and warm
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Oh how wonderful to hear that she's acting like a kitten again!!! Give the little one extra cuddles for me. We are all pulling for her!
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Oh, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to jump in earlier, but everyone's said what I would have. The one thing we noticed is that Smudge liked sleeping in kitty beds we laid all over the floor, and he liked it when you talked to him or played the animal planet on the TV. After the first few days, he got around so well we thought he'd regained his sight! I'm so happy she's doing better.
post #41 of 49 figured out how to help Mouse thrive.
You have blazed new territory in blind kitten care with this little one.
I will keep you both in my prayers.
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Oh Tania, what wonderful news! So glad to hear Mouse is making progress. Under your wonderful care though, it was bound to happen!!
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Go Mouse!!

Thats fantastic Tania!!
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It's nearly 3am and we've had a bit of a breakthrough. Mouse likes beef+pumpkin+veggie baby food! LOL She is not emaciated but she's still skinny, so the baby food will do her good (lots of calories).

For those who are wondering, pumpkin is very good for digestion (helps with both constipation and diarrhoea) but onion can be dangerous to cats, so I make sure there isn't any onion when I buy baby food for the kittens.
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Great news Tania!
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Thats wonderful news!!!

Go Mouse!!!
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Tania & Mouse .... you both make me smile.
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I took Mouse to the vet yesterday to have her operation. She is home again but hasn't had her op. She stayed overnight at the vet for nothing! LOL

The vet called me late this afternoon and said that she had examined Mouse closely and she is really a bit young to have a general anaesthetic. It would be fine to do her eye operation when she is spayed at around 6 months. I asked her if she thought Mouses eyes were hurting or bothering her and she said no, there's no indication of that. So off I went to get her, bought her some chicken (they hadn't fed her all day, as she was fasting for the op.) and she ate like a horse when we got home!

So she's now ready to go to her new family as soon as they're ready to take her.
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Thats great news!!!

I'm so happy for Mouse!! she is just so adorable!
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