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change in habits

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Maggie, my 6 month old kitten, has decided to stop eating her canned food. She does eat her dry food so I'm not concerned that she's not getting nourished, but should I be concerned? She ate it religiously and would "yell" at me if I didn't feed it to her. Now, she seems so impartial. Any thoughts, or suggestions. Or do I just luck out in not having to spend the money for canned food?!
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No, its very possible it is just not for her anymore. I would feel very lucky unless she shows signs of not wanting to eat any food. Usually if you give them free choice of dry food all day, they are not hungry enough to eat the wet.
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This happened with my cats also. Try a new brand of food. I figured out that my cats are alot like people,they get tired of eating the same thing. They got tired of the same flavors all the time so I switched until I found one they liked again.
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All my little boy then 7 months would eat was caned food, then I started mixing in dry. From that point forward he
slowly started to pick out the dry and leave the canned, except if there was some sort of sauce - he would lick that off (good to remember in case I need to give meds). Your little one is getting all the nutrition needed with dry. She is just telling what she preferrs, actually dry is better for her anyway. Good luck
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