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my cat is shaved & depressed..

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I got my long hair tuxedo cat shaved (lion cut) this weekend.
He is now on "suicide watch" because hes ashamed and other cats are being mean to him...

My vet says its normal for my cat to feel depressed and unwanted by other cats (his brothers are hissing at him and swatting @ him) at least a week or so after the shave.

he doesnt know what to do.. and maybe he feels cold? he slept in his liter box 2 nights in a row!!??


he had so many knots pulling on his skin and he wasnt shedding properly.
will he be OK!?
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Oh dear your poor kitty!!

I suggest you give him lots of love and attention and plenty of nice treats so he feels he is still loved.

The other cats are swatting him because he is different. They should get over it soon enough.

And wouldn't you be depressed if someone pulled off all your clothes, shaved you down and then put you into a room full of your friends??
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I would suggest putting some vanilla on the chins of all of the cats so they smell alike. This will help your little "lion" fit in.
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Poor baby! I would try the vanilla trick, because cats go more by smell than by looks, and whatever shampoo was used may be making him smell funny.

I never had a cat shaved, but have seen dogs that were "groomed", or scalped. You can just really compliment them, and convince them they look good. But cats might be too smart for that!

I would try vanilla, and brush him alot with the same brush so he smells like everyone else. Or if the others won't let up on him, you could always have them shaved, too! LOL!
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One of my female rexes that got spayed had to wear the body stocking - she hid under the bed for the entire time till stitches were removed - would only come out at nite to eat/drink and use the litter box.

I think she was too embarrased to come out and socialize.

Ling Ling on the other hand...well she's just Ling Ling. We are starting to call her "Crazy Cat" for various
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quick update: we got this done saturday, its now tuesday..

he's slowly getting back to normal..
i did the vanilla trick. by gosh i think it worked! last night the one kitty that has been hissy @ thomas, lioncut kitty, i put vanilla on both, they started sniffing each other and then i threw them a toy mouse and they played with eachother all night long!

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Great to hear the positive progress!

I'll move this to Behavior.
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In the long term he'll be fine. But for the future he'll be much better off with regular brushing instead of shaving.
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