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Tuffy lives up to his name today,,

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Hi, Tuffy was to go in this coming friday to get fixed. The vets office called early this morning and said they had a opening today. I said he probably ate and drank during the night and they said they would do him last. So I took him in at 8:00 this morning and I got him home at 3:00 this afternoon.

Our other two male cats took a couple days to get back to normal. We had to watch them real close because there balance was off from the meds I guess, so I was expecting Tuffy to be real weak and shakey like the other two were. Well I got him home and I couldn't tell anything had been done to him. They gave him a long acting pain med shot but he walks a little stiff in the back legs but he is the same old Tuffy. I was worried he would be upset with me when I got him home, but he had to have me hold him and pet him as soon as he got home as if to say no hard feelings on his part.

He just climbed on my lap while I type this.

I asked the vet tech how he did and she said he did great and that he is a special kitty cat and I said I know he is. Its hard to say what makes him so special, I guess its just little things he does that most none cat people wouldn't notice and his attitude towards life in general. I put his toy in his cage with him that he picked out his last trip to the vet. When I went to pick him up I asked Tuffy if he still had his favorite toy and the vet tech said he burried it under his blanket so the other animals couldn't get it.

He was mad at me when I put him in his carrier this morning because he was talking to the birds outside our bedroom window on the bird feeder.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know he did better than I could have hoped with his surgery. Maybe he won't try to make babys with the dog anymore.
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Glad to hear Tuffy bounced back so quickly.
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When they had me sign the consent form they told me that there is a slight risk of problems with the stuff they put them under with. I asked what happens if they have a bad reaction, do they get real sick? I was told the "worst possible thing can happen" and I asked "you mean death" and she shook her head yes. I asked if it ever happend to them and she said it has but it is very very rare.

That would be so hard to take if I was to take one of our kitties in for something that is done everyday and be the one in a million and have a pet die from a reaction to the meds. But I think it would be just as hard or worse for the person at the vets office to have to tell someone there pet is gone.

Sorry to bring up this sad stuff but I was affraid the maybe Tuffy would be that one in a million today. I would just jump every time the phone rang today thinking it was the vet with bad news. When they called and said he was awake and doing great it was a big relief to me. In fact he did so good they said I could come and get him almost 2 hours earlier than planned. I waited a hour and a half before I went and got him just to be sure he was ok and if he had any problems he would still be there with them.
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So glad Tuffy is ok. I know you have had so much heartache with him so far but at least now his neuter is out the way you don't have to worry about it ever again. He really is a Tuffy
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Just as with humans, any anaesthesia can be a risk, though, thank goodness, these days the risk is minimal and if a vet knows that the animal has any special health factors to consider then they can take special precautions or use a lighter dose. The vet made me wait an extra two months to get Persil spayed because she had had major abdominal surgery as a kitten and he wanted her to be as strong as possible before putting her under again. But your Tuffy sounds like a great character and a healthy fighter, so I am glads there were no problems.
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I'm glad Tuffy did well with his neuter. When Will, my avatar boy was neutered, I had a bad feeling, too. I was afraid he would be the one in a million, too. But he bounced back beautifully, and forgave me for his trip in the carrier, and subsequent surgery. And now he is a happy boy, who remains every bit the man he was, except no fighting and no babies!
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YEAH Tuffy - I sooooo thrilled that the little guy did and is doing so well!!!!

Please give him plenty of hugs and kissed for me
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Thanks everyone, I don't know if he was feeling good because of the long acting pain med shot he got or what but he was acting like a 6 month old last night, he was just nuts wanting to play and fight with all the other cats and batting his toys all over the place. He would run in and jump on the bed with his eyes real big and meow and take off again just having a great time. I have never seen him go on like this for so long before. But he is a tired little kitty today though. He doesn't even seem to notice he had surgery, He hardly licks back there at all so he must not be hurting.
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Tuffy is still doing great, He runs and plays allot more since his surgery. Maybe its just me but he looks to be filling out and getting bigger since being fixed also. He has gone from 5.4 lbs when I first took him in to 11 lbs before his surgery but he still has allot of loose skin like he might have been bigger yet at one time. I don't have a scale good enough to weigh him at home but he sure looks and feels heavier than before and he is more active than ever so it is not from eating and laying around. If he gets much bigger and more attitude he might be the boss of the zoo yet.

I have watched Tuffy and Panther get pretty intense when "play" fighting and Panther has about 8 lbs on Tuffy but Panther is normally the one growling and hissing because Tuffy gets the better of him if he wants to get rough. Tuffy is so laid back most of the time that I wonder if he has a clue some times, but when he decides to do something he is real smart and won't back down very easy.

But Rusty and Tuffy is pretty much a draw, Rusty is about 3 lbs bigger and has real quick reflexes and much younger but Tuffy is so ungodly strong that if he can get Rusty down off his feet Tuffy can take care of him. I don't know where Tuffy gets all that strength from in those little legs but if he don't want me to give him a med or something or get rough with him when playing he takes his front feet and pushes my hand away and I have to push dam hard to over come his pushing back. The vet said he was real strong also when ever Tuffy had to see the vet. I know when people have first picked him up at home here they all expect him to much lighter than he is, because he is not real big in size next to Rusty or Panther but he is a real solid little guy.

I probably shouldn't be saying all this about Tuffy, he will get a big head and even more attitude than he has now.

I hope it don't sound that I like Tuffy better than our other kittys, I am just closer to him because of the whole sick stray thing and he only lets me get really close to him. I would do all I did for Tuffy to any of our cats if they got real sick [heaven forbid].
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