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"She has more furniture than us!"

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Is this weird? My boyfriend says the cat has more furniture than we do! He isn't mad, it's more of a joke, but. Am I obsessed? (I guess this is more of a person-behavior than cat-behavior?)
She has two scratching posts, her box, one of those big balls on a spring, a hidey-house with a hammock, a window sill bed, her food bowls, another water bowl, her carrier, and probably a thousand little toys, and her leash.

It doesn't seem excessive to me. I guess sitting in the living room, it does look like the cat has taken over! (You can see everything but the box from here). Maybe it's more about the money? Not how much we have to spend on food, vet, litter, etc, but that when I have extra I always have to buy the cat something. She's my first pet!

She loves everything though, except the ball/spring thing.

Is my cat spoiled? Am I a "crazy cat lady"?
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We're all crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen) on this site!

Let's see...
I have 2 cat trees
-3 litter boxes
-a scratching post
-two cat beds
-a fresh flow fountain
-2 food bowls
-3210328132176890 toys
- 3 carriers, 1 of which is HUGE.
- 1 crate from when I rescued these abandoned kittens that's still hanging around. Goes to adoption events with me, but otherwise hangs out in my closet
-A cat gym that is also hanging out in my closet until I move to a bigger place.
-one of those floor/door scratchers
-their own first aid kit
-3 harnesses and 3 leashes

Do you feel better?
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lol Let's see if I can help...

The boys have:
a cat tree
three baskets, only one of which is slept in
a carpet scratching post
a cardboard scratching post
a pair of little connector tubes
a hooded bed noone uses
another bed they both use
my beanbag chair which they have claimed
a million bajillion toys they don't like
little puffy balls all over the place which they do like
tons of pipe cleaners that Billy adores whenever he can get them out of the bag
a food bowl, water bowl, and wet food bowl
two Booda litter boxes
a failed attempt at a top-entry box
a fish tank that will soon have fish for them to hunt
and more...

And all of this in a 600 sq. ft. apartment! The only reason they don't have a window sill bed is that I don't have a windowsill in the sun!
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Maybe next time you are out you can pick up a toy for him....at matchbox car is what I'd get! Or a pack of green army men!
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Yes! You are a crazy cat lady!!!

But thats ok, because so are we!! (And cat men!)

My cats have the entire run of the house AND they have an entire room just for them!!!

Sometimes I wonder who gets fed better in our household!
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I am every bit as bad as the rest about buying toys and furniture for my cats. My bills are paid, vet visits are paid for, I'm not going hungry and the cats also have high quality food. So I don't worry about my having crossed some kind of obsessive line.
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Ummm...yeah...."crazy cat lady"...can't tell you how much I've heard that. In addition to all the freakin toys they have upstairs, mine have pretty much taken over the cellar - permanently. They have their own "potty" room in the cellar. It was an enclosed shop, but I figure - what the heck do I fix? Nothing. So now it's their room with 6 extra large litter boxes (actually those deep huge rubbermaid boxes from Walmart, not litter boxes) with 3 different kinds of litter for their liking. I even went as far as cutting a hole in my wall for them to go through with plans of labeling it the "the restroom". (Can you say Cuckoo ). The rest of the cellar is basically a playground with wooden boxes, open cat carriers, all kinds of their favorite material for them to knead on and roll around in, wooden pallets, toys, etc.
And now! (just cause I wasn't crazy enough and I want the neighbors to know I"ve lost it too) I've got plans for an outdoor enclosure that will be attached to one of the cellar windows that will allow them to safetly go outside when it warms up. I am soooooooo excited to get started on this because they love to go out and I will feel better about their safety.
So please rest assured - you are far from crazy, but I'm waivering on the edge.
(Oh - and by the way......my house isn't all that big either. It's only about 1500 sq ft, so sharing that with 5 furballs and all their stuff gets tight at times....but like all of you.....I just move out of the way...)
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I have four cats.

I have five litter boxes, 2 fresh flow fountains, 2 containers of toys, 4 beds, one soft kitty play box, 2 carriers, one kitty tunnel, one small scratching post, one kitty perch, one cat tree, two cat condos- a one decker and a two decker, and a waist level "condo" with a circular hideaway. We have 8 bowls down with food at any given time - one each for dry and wet. My husband has been joking that if we lost power that cats wouldn't starve but he would, I have about 10 bags of cat food in the pantry, sorted by date of expiration of course. I do go through at least a bag a week! I also have 8 boxes of cat litter right now, which is a bit much!
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