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Updated pics of Goldie's babies

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Petie the Peepers
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I just love looking these babies, they are so cute!!!
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Debra - you and Goldie are doing great at raising those babies! So adorable. I just love the little kitty ears that are too small for their heads. Too cute!
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Oh what sweethearts! Will any of them be long haired?
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They'e beautiful! I want babies, too!
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Thank you Sandie for posting these for me. I cannot get them small enough to do myself!

I think that Arthur will have longer hair - momma Goldie has long fur.

They are three weeks old in these shots.

I have to tell you all that I am going to have a real hard time letting these little ones go to another home. Such personality in them is developing. Goliath demands attention from me as soon as he sees me - much to mom's distain. Arthur is becomming the Alpha male -shoving and biting and rummaging around like a little tank. Iris is more adventuremsome than Gracie- waddling acorss the carpet at the first invitation. Then little Petie - hangs close to momma and just takes in the sights....
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Debra, those pics are simply gorgeous..... all your babies are wonderful - and I LOVE the names you've chosen.... hope the new owners keep them
I just want to grab them and "uft" them, and squeeze them and snuggle them ... and .... and... :laughing2: I KNOW you want to come visit England soon don't you Deb?? I KNOW you DO!!!.... of course I don't mind if you want to bring some of the babies along..... I guess I could put up with them..... :LOL:
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I like Petie the peepers!!! What a cute name!!!

Debra, are you planning on keeping one?
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Love them kitties!
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Uhhhhhhh - I want them all - gimmy - gimmy!!!
Ok I am under control now - the are soooooo precious - are they just the best!
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They all look so cute and the names fit them well.
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they are the cutest Debrah! Thanks for sharing them with us. Tell Goldie she has done good!
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Thanks everyone! Oh the pains or motherhood. I want desperately to keep one or ALL - but my plate is full with keeping momma Goldie. She will make 8 fur babes and I really cannot afford to give any more the proper home and medical care they need and deserve.

Aren't they just the CUTEST kitties in the whole world???????

The names do seem to fit the little critters. We just had a play fest and now they are all tuckered out with momma. She is a lucky girl to have had such babies, and I am soooo fortunate that she let me be a part of it.

Goldie and I have come full circle, I think.
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Oh Debra, they are SOOOOOO cute!!! And Sandie is a doll for posting them for you!!! Thanks Sandie!
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I am soo in love with those guys! And gals! Just send all the leftovers to me! Kibbies!
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Thanks guys - just sitting here trying to type with G-man on my lap snoring away - little kitty purrs......and Petie Peepers sucking his paw. Makes life worthwhile
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Okay - Debra - meet me in Buffalo with Arthur and Petie & I'll take them. Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie! Do you think they'll let me cross the border with them?

from "a cat's little instruction book"

Avoid cleaning your private parts in public

Forgive your enemies--but hit them a couple of times first
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oh sandy !!! Your kittens are so adorable !! Wish I could hug them all !!! Sure you cannot keep them ??
Post more pictures if you can !!! I love kittens !!:daisy: :flower: :teddy:
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Buffalo here I come.....actually I am due to a trip to see the family there soon......oh, the possibilities!!!!!
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Aren't they wonderful??? Goliath! Ahhhh! So cute!! And remember how apprehensive you were? It seems like forever ago, doesn't it? I'll bet you'll have private detectives screening possible adoptive parents! They work their way right into your heart.
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You know Jeannie, you are right. It does seem so long ago and yet everytime I look at Goldie and those fur babes, I almost cry. It may sound corny, but that is the truth. I am VERY fussy who adopts and am screening people! You are right!
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Thank you for those lovely photos. Who wouldn´t be happy to care for those sweeties Have fun Elisabeth
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Originally posted by debra myers
Buffalo here I come.....actually I am due to a trip to see the family there soon......oh, the possibilities!!!!!
Think I can convince the hubby that a trip to Buffalo for kittens is a good idea? I'll smuggle them across the border!
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Love those extra toes
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We can fool the border patrol! We'll flash them a pic of some little cutie and smuggle the kits across.......whee......here we go!
It is amazing to me just how much of a difference these little ones have made in my life right now. I have needed them!
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They are just SOOOOOO sweet, Debra!!!
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