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Tommy Tinker

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I cannot believe what I witnessed tonight.

Tommy is 3 months old and seemed to have the devil in him tonight..

we are in the middle of refitting the kitchen so all the new units are in my living room and every surface is covered with kitchen utensils.

All great fun for a 3 month old kitten and actually quite fun for Charlie who is 5 months as well.

Tommy is using the new units as step ladders to get to places normally out of his reach.

He got on top of my glass display cabinet, and picked up a glass candle holder (the sort with a silk floral wreath round the top) took it to the edge of the cabinet and dropped it on the floor.

Both myself and my OH couldn't believe it, he then just jumped down to investigate the mess he had made, with a look on his face that said
'mmm that didn't quite work out as planned' .....grrrrrrr

I have seen him pick small things up before and throw them down to play with but this was quite big and not small enough to be batted along the floor...

Does anyone elses cat pick things up and throw them on the floor to play with ?
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My Rambo does that all the time. He gets on my dressor during the night (and i think during the day when i'm away) and starts dropping everything off onto the hardwood floor. He'll even sneak into my jewellry box and start taking out everything shiny and throwing it to the floor. It drives me beserk at three in the morning to hear thunk.........thunk........thunk......thunk.....as he happily knocks everything off...and then goes to play with it.
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Their terrible aren't they.

I have a large jug in the kitchen that i keep some pot pourri in, and Sophie keeps clawing bits of it out and watches as it drops to the floor, then sticks her paw in again and claws out another piece etc..
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Ellie does that with anything she can move. She also loves to get up high, so the worst thing she ever did was push a box of 6 wine glasses off the top of a kitchen cupboard, where I had put them (silly me) for safety. Fortunately they all smashed inside the box and were not expensive ones, but now I keep nothing up there.
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Sheba (we had her in the 1980s) would get mad at mom and push flower pots off the plant shelf. Mom caught her one time with her feet braced against the wall and pushing a large pot with her back!

Love the name of Tommy Tinker. When I was about 4years old we had a blue tabby by the name of Tom Tinker. Saved our lives one night.
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[quote= When I was about 4years old we had a blue tabby by the name of Tom Tinker. Saved our lives one night.[/QUOTE]

Oh do tell, how did he save your lives ?
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