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Here is story for all my horsey friends! My friend "Appy20" on another site posted it, so I'm giving her credit for it. The mental image just made me laugh out loud:


As far as weird animals go, this is how it works at my house. If I get a full grown animal, it tends to be normal. If I raise one from babyhood, it becomes weird as all get out. My weird stories could fill a book.

I bought my colt, Snickers five weeks old. We kept him with his mother until he was nearly 8 months old. I just went out and played with him everyday. The guy who bred him swears he is the weirdest colt he has ever bred. He is a trip! He loves to play with "toys." He will play with balls, barrels, tarps and even old telephone transformers. He used to throw a ball against the wall of the barn so that it would roll back to him.

My colt excels at really, really sharp turns at high speed. In fact, he was much better at it than his three year old brother. He would go bite his brother on the rear end and then turn and run. His brother would try to catch him and when he just about get him, Snickers would do a sharp fast turn and big brother would try to follow. Big brother would lose his balance and fall flat down on his side. It was hilarious!
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You're right - the mental image is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.
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That IS funny!
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I'm green with envy! I have always wanted horses. Oh, well, I have my kitties and my collie.
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Hey SunLion! I'm HappyJoyousandFree from Bnet...it's because of your link in the 'singles' thread that I am here! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I couldn't remember who put the link in...now I know it's you!

:icecream: :pinky: :pinky: :owl: :witch:
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Hey, Puff/Happy!

It's always nice to know, when you make a recommendation, that other people agree with you! I really like the people here, they are friendly and knowledgeable. Enjoy!
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