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carnation terminator

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can't keep any plants at home for more thn 1 day, he is a destroyer

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hehhehehe Too darn cute!!
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Oh my goodness theres another Rosie! She does exactly the same that i have to keep shifting the vase
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OMG that is just too funny!!!!!! He looooovvvvvvves the flowers!!!
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He, he, he....gotta love cats
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Bad kitty!

But he's so cute!
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Looks like a cat who takes the time to sniff the roses (or carnations anyway!).
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Pepe is very good looking! My Jasmine was trying to eat my Valentine's flowers, too. I had to move them out of her reach, little stinker!
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THIS, is a great picture. LOL

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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals
THIS, is a great picture. LOL

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Hehehe! I love caught in the act pics!!!
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Extremely adorable!!!!!!
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Too funny! Plants quiver in fear of this kitty!
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Those are great pics!!, you should submit them to caption this!
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Oh I love that last one! He's giving the flowers a schnuggle!
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LMAO, I love the last one, what an adorable shot!!!
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The last shot is my favorite, too! What is it with cats and flowers????
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so cute...why do cats always attack flowers in vases??????????? one of the cat mysteries of life I guess
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That is so cute!!!
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