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Help!!! Little Egypt not eating much!

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My 8 month old kitten Little Egypt isn't eating much but is drinking water. And sadly she is going to the vet tomorrow to get declawed. I am worried that she is not eating much. She just eats very little.
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try some tuna juice with her food to entice her...

May I ask why your declawing her?? do you realize your takeing off to her first nuckle??
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I'm not the one that wants her declawed. My mum wants to take her to the vet and declaw her because we tried to introduce two of our other cats and Little Egypt started hissing and growling at them.
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Please DO NOT have your cat declawed. Its a horrid thing to do to a cat. there are other ways. Get her some scratching posts. Try the soft paws nail caps. But don't de claw her.Its torture for a cat.Give this some thought and do a search online about de clawing your cat first. And if shes not eating well now. You maybe be in for trouble if you get her declawed. Declawing a cat is the samething as a human having their fingers cut off at the first joint. Would you want to live the rest of your life with that. No right. And neither would your cat.
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Almost all cats hiss and growl some when they first meet. Even if she has claws, she will not be likely to hurt the other kitties. If you must declaw her, at least wait until she starts eating and gets healthy, first! (I personally wouldn't declaw).
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Well, declawing the cat certainly won't help her not-eating situation.....

In a multi-cat household, hissing and growling is totally expected at first and will even happen occassionally after the cats have been together for a long time. It's a fact of multiple-cat life.
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Guys, I understand that we all feel very strongly about declawing here... But this cat is not eating right now and she is asking for help.

LittleEgypt, please read this article:

It is dangerous for a cat to go too long without eating. You will find a lot of info here, if you have any further questions please ask us.

I would also encourage you to read this thread, with your mom if possible:
It has some very important information about declawing and alternatives.
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Little Egypt, I also wanted to give you this link as well:

This has information on introducing old cats to new... It is possible that your cat is not eating because she is trying adjust to her new home. Bringing your kitty to the new home and expecting her to settle right is a bit much to expect. It takes time for her to adjust, and the introductions should be very slow.
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My question is there a cure for her to start eating by herself or would I have to force feed her for years?
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try tuna juice .. boiled chn raw chn ... basically to get her to eat give her anything smelly and cat tasty ....

she should be okay once she settles in
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I would have her checked by a vet, she may have a bit of a virus or URI going on. Also try warming the food in the microwave (not to hot), this will make the food smell more and may help her to eat (a cat won't eat if they can't smell the food). If she is sick the vet will not do the surgery anyway because it will just be more stress on her system, so have her checked out first.
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You have to find out why she isn't eating and have it addressed... Did you have a chance to read those articles? The more I think about it, the more I think that Little Egypt is having a hard time adjusting to her new home. Can you try putting some tuna juice on her food to entice her to eat today? I would definately discuss this with the vet tomorrow to rule out her being ill.
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I also think she might not be eating as she scared its a new home. And it takes time for most cats to adjust. It would in her best interest to get her healthy and eating and happy. BEFORE your mom even thinks about declawing her,.By having her declawed it wil be a shock to her and it will be even harder to get her to eat. It would major stress for her.
Are your other two cats declawed? If not this wouldn't be good to have her declawed and the other two not. Give her sometime to get used to her new home and your othertwo cats. It will work out in the end. Just have patience.
It might be best to have her have a check up at the vets and make sure shes not ill. Get your mom to research some articles on line about declawing a cat she might change her mind.
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We have a Persian cat that has already been declawed by her previous owner and a Siamese flame point that is not declawed but he's an outdoor cat and the Persian an indoor. It's already too late for Little Egypt my mum has already made a vet appointment for her to getting her delawed.
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Please make sure that your mom discusses the fact that Little Egypt has not been eating when she takes him to the vet. He needs to be made aware of any possible health situations before the surgery.
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Please, please it is not too late, you can cancel the appointment. At least untill you have explored the alternatives and she is eating properly and settled into her new home.

The soft paw nail clips look fantastic, I don't need them myself because all my cats use the scratch post and even the two that fight occaisionally never do each other any harm. However if I did need them I would not hesitate they are not even very expensive and much kinder than declawing.

It is completely normal for cats to hiss at each other when first introduced it soon stops once they all settle in.

Poor Little Egypt hasn't been with you very long this is probably why she isn't eating, now on top of this she is going to have traumatic surgery which will also unsettle her introduction and settlement in to her new home.

I beg your mom to reconsider at least for a while untill Little Egypt is more settled and eating properly.
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Ok I told my mum about not declawing her and that she'll think about gett Soft Paws for Little Egypt. I do hope she gets Soft Paws for her instead of declawing her but she is still going to the vet and I'll ask my vet of why she is skinny and why she's not eating and I also checked her poop the other day and today. The one from the other day it was a brown color and the one of today it's a brown and beige in color.
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Good for you I am glad you are making some progress with your Mom. I am also glad that Little Egypt will be checked out by the vet tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes. I will keep you guys in my thoughts
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Thanks and I will keep you all updated on how it goes. And I will need good vibes for Little Egypt.
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Great news about the declawing I am sure Little Egypt will look dead cool in pink soft paws

I am sure she will start eating again she just needs time to adjust, have you tried her with a little tuna of chicken, nothing too strong in case her little tummy can't cope.

Let us know how she gets on at the vets today.
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Thanks and I will keep you updated on how it goes.
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Little Egypt,

Re your baby not eating - try yoghurt or even baby food. If you get some baby food, remember to warm it up first to make it smelly so that he can smell it. If he won't eat from a bowl you could try putting some on your finger and see if he won't lick it off there...

Good luck and keep us posted
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I hope that there is nothing seriously wrong with Little Egypt. Like someone said, perhaps she is just still adjusting to her new environment and her appetite will increase once she feels more at home. Good luck!
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