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scratching the door...and licking in the night..

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Ok, I have to admit that my 2 six months old male kittens have a very good character...they have learned many things until now like not jumping on the courtains, not going on the table (at least when we are eating) and others...but still there are two little problems..

Among all, Luke has learned how to put his hand and open a door when there is a hole of 1 cm for example...Piolin dosn't really try it...The problem comes at the moment we really want them to stay in a room closed for some reason...Luke will start to scratch the door trying to open it. As a result he has done a little mark...Although we almost never open them when he is scratching, he still continues doing it...I know that its now such a drama but I wouldn't like him continue doing it...I thought to open and spray him some water on the face when he does it..but for the moment the only thing I managed to do is that when I open, he just jumps a bit further in order to check if I am just opening the door or if I am going to spray water...

I wonder...there must be a solution...

The other thing is that he often comes during the night on our face and he starts licking our clothes...its ok if he does it during the day...but there must be a way to prevent it during the night...otherwise we wake up really tired...
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first of all, is it absolutely necessary that you keep them in one room for some portion of time? Cause most cats don't like to be confined to one room, especially if they can roam some of the time. They will always try to find a way out. You don't want to spray water on them cause sometimes water can get in their ears. also, they will associate you being sprayed and you don't want that.
If they absolutely must be confined then make sure, of course, their room is as comfortable as possible (food, water, litter box and their fav. toys, etc.)
You could purchase some of that pet off stuff. usually can be found in walmart or most pet stores. Its a spray that, in your case, you would spray on the floor by the door. The smell is offensive and they especially wouldn't want it on their paws. That may keep them away from the door. If that doesn't work then think about somehow rigging a piece of cardboard or plastic that they can't tear to stick under the door so they don't scratch the floor. Cause bottom line is, they are going to try to escape.

About them keeping you up at night. I had a similar problem I posted and someone mentioned this: when they get on you or start licking, just move them either on the floor or towrd the foot of the bed. You will probably have to do that several times before tehy leave you alone, but eventually they should get the hint. Do that every time they get on you and they should learn.

Good luck
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Hi Ksakkos,

I could be wrong here but I wouldn’t think that Luke would associate the sprayed water with his scratching as the door would already be opened and he would have stopped scratching.

The inexplicable (to him) jet of water would have to hit him when he is scratching, so he makes the connection – I get wet when I scratch the door.

To stop your kitten licking your clothes you could try rubbing them with orange or lemon peel.

All the best,
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Yeah..i was just a bit desparate..i have stoped doing this, i just stuck a tape with on the bottom of the door, one of those tapes that stick from both sides..for the moment he scratches less..
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