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Passion or Chore?

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Cooking.. Passion or chore? Just wondering how everybody views this every day ritual. Surely a Passion here. My cooking hobby. The Mrs has taken a backseat here because she views it more like a chore. With three of us in the house I find it difficult to try and cater to the likes and dislikes of all and just cook. If you don't like the peppers then just pick'em out I say. What's your view?
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I wouldn't say it was a passion nor a chore, but cooking doesn't bother me.

If i want to eat i have to cook
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I love to cook and bake....although I do enjoy an occassional break to go out to eat.
I do try to cater to peoples likes and dislikes....but that`s just me. I also LOVE to wait on people. (Wierd, I know!)
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I enjoy cooking most of the time. Just like anything else though, occasionally, it feels like a chore!
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chore. It's especially difficult for someone who has trouble either sticking to a recipe or the number of people I'm cooking for... I usually undercook things or stick them to the pan. Rune never complains though bless him....
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I really like if I only had the TIME to do it...then we'd be all good!
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Oh I love cooking!

I love making big meals for John and my family too - I just don't like the cleaning up part
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I would love to love cooking, if I could cook! I made a stir fry for Mark once and I nearly had a nervous breakdown planning it. I love the feeling of having made a proper meal but I just cannot do it.
If someone says, oooh make this soup it's really easy, they start telling me and I break out in a sweat thinking about how I would do it.
I'm thinking about enrolling in a beginners cookery course because I can't go on not being able to cook things from scratch.
Mark on the other hand is a very good cook so I do get nice meals. But if he doesn't cook for me I have a salad or something from a packet, which i always feel guilty about doing

P.s I can make pasta stuff
post #9 of 28 husband does the cooking
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It's a passion - I began helping to cook when I was under 5 My dh also loves to plan and prepare several course meals...and we both love watching cooking shows.

It helps that I do love to, as no matter what diet I've followed in my life, I have always found a way to still enjoy cooking and to make the best food I could within "da rules"
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I really like if I only had the TIME to do it...then we'd be all good!

I do cater I usually end up making two dinners ... I used to see this as a pain but now with three fur kids on different eating plans I dont find it so bothersome
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Passion!!! I enjoy tasting something and figuring out how to make it. I cook dinner, usually from scratch (real potatoes, fresh veggies, homemade sauces) most of the time. I don't bake to speak of though (too much measuring).
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Chore usually.

But at the moment our obsession is Japanese food. Have bought all the sauces etc to make the proper meals, even bought a cookery book
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Passion usually. I love making stuff. I get home from work and sometimes start cooking then and don't get done until 8 but I feel so good about it. From time to time though, if I'm tired or in a bad mood, cooking would be a chore, but that's why i keep microwaveable food for those occasions
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Passion. And like Rockcat, I get a charge out of reverse engineering things that we have enjoyed. I'm very fortunate in that Rob is discerning, but not picky, so I can play to my heart's content, and he's a willing guinea pig.
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CHORE! I get so sick of cooking! I'm not real good at it, and evenings are so hectic with homework, baths, and sometimes kids clubs or sports. I'm glad some people enjoy it, though. I'm just not one of them.

Its not as bad as dishes or laundry, but I would gladly give up cooking if I could! LOL!
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When I stayed at home, I loved cooking. Now that I work too, forget it. I'm too tired to put effort into it every day. DH is wonderful about cleaning up though. HE DOES IT!!!
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Most of the time passion. I was a "becky Home-Ecky" major in college (experimental foods and nutrition). I just which I always have the right ingredients!!
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I love to cook, but only because it isn't my chore most of the time!
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I like to cook now and then I love makeing biscits and scones yummy stuff but the day to day stuff is a chore and I hate the clean up to
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Depends on the day. If I have the energy, have no time constraints, and have tasty things in the fridge, I enjoy making an elaborate meal. Other times, when the fridge isn't fully stocked or I'm tired or cranky, it seems like a chore, I just make something quick. Sometimes, though, I crave certain ethnic foods like sushi, thai food or Indian that I really can't completely duplicate myself, then I order in or go out.
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Passion, which is a good thing because it's my job to do it

i love cooking though and have gotten very good recently, my husband says my food is sometimes better than what he's brought in expensive restaurants, which is a huge compliment
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I love cooking and baking, but it's a bore to do it for one person. If and when I had someone to cook for, I'd do it all the time.
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Depends on my mood...I usually love to cook, sometimes though it seems like too much effort!
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I have my a.a.s. in culinary arts so cooking is a passion. Even when I'm cooking for me, I figure that I should be eating food I'd make guests or the like.

I dont like cleaning up so sometimes this leads to stuff like peanut butter sandwitches and soup.

I like cooking so much I used to inivte friends over just so I could cook for them. I wish I could do that now but my apartment is sooo small.
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There is an odd occasion when I like it, but mostly I don't. I know it's because I don't feel like I'm very good at it. I should have paid more attention to how my mom did things. My husband does share the cooking and I'm grateful for that.

I think the other reason I find it a chore is the cleaning up of the kitchen after.
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I love cooking although bf does most of it so I don't always get a chance to cook (but I'm not complaining!)
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I love cooking and baking, but hate tidying up afterwards.
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