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I'm So Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm so angry right now.

my cats are vaccinated with Fevayn Pentofel, I asked for my kiteens Simba and Star to be done same one, COVERING EVERYTHING, my vet sed ok, i'll do them with this jab for everything.

Today they went back for there last course, and I had my little books with there names on, not only is it a different vaccine i;ve never heard of they've not been done for Feline chlamydiosis, I paid £128 for both kittens, expecting ALL TO BE COVERED. I PAID LESS FOR MISSYS AND SHE HAD ALL OF THEM DONE WITH RIGHT JAB.

I spoketo secutary an they sed a vet would ring me back. she told me 2 diff sotrys one was, of they forgot to tick the Feline chlamydiosis box on the form to say it ws done, they they said this has to eb doen with seperate injection.


I need help i'm so angry and don't know what to do.
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First of all calm down Claire

Whats the Fevayn Pentofel for?. And did they explain about the chlamydiosis injection?.

I take it your waiting for the vet to ring you back?.
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Fevayn Pentofel covers Feline panleucopaenia, Feline viral rhinotrachetis, Feline chlamydiosis, and Feline leukaemia.

I asked for this one, but I can't read what the vet as written but it definalty doesnmt say Fevayn Pentofel, and Feline chlamydiosis on the sheet hasnt been ticked, they todl me on phone Missy had different jab which covers all, but Missys was cheaper? and theres is dearer and ones missing?

I'm really upset they tried to con me saying oh maybe he forgotto tick it....

I'm still waiting for them to call.
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It could be a simple mistake thats been made, because i only give Rosie and Sophie the flu/ent jabs, but when i brought Sophie back from having hers last year and checked her health record book, i noticed that the sticker for the Leukemia jab had been stuck in her book

I rang them straight away and they assured me that she had just had the flu/ent jab and the vet had stuck the wrong sticker in her book.

They explained when they give the jabs they have two stickers on the bottle that they draw the injection from, one goes on their health book and the other they just discard(mine usually stick them down the side of the pc! ), but because we were chatting, the vet had pulled a leukemia sticker from the p.c and stuck it in Sophies health book.

Does yours not stick the stickers inside?!.
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No, he hasnt even give me stickers!

and they've still not rang!
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Next time they have their jabs just ask them to put one of the stickers on their books, even if you say it's for your peace of mind, or that you can't read the vets handwriting.

Don't stress too much because they havent rang yet because the vets could be doing surgery at the moment and it could be early afternoon when they ring you.
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He's rang back, he'sgive them a different vaccine, totally. one I didn't ask for, its dearer, and it doesn't cover Feline chlamydiosis.

I said why though, I asked for it to be covered, he said theres a mishap somewhere. oh well, I paid all that money for nothing.
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But if you've never asked for it Claire you shouldn't be expected to pay for it?!.
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I know.

I'm changing vets.

They charged me to much when Simba was bad, they charged me £24 each time i went in for them just to say ''carry on with the eye drops''. they didnt even take him out of the carry case. I don't know why I went back.
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I dont blame you, good luck finding a new vets that treats you better. I am very lucky. Giz goes to a vet that I truly believe care about him and Sasha and dont rip me off
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The £24 sounds about right because i paid more or less that amount to have Rosies eyes checked when i thought they looked cloudy, only to be told that what i saw was a normal reflection but i had to have my mind put at ease, but if Simba wasn't even removed from his carrier then yes i'd say find another vet
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What a nightmare - what area of the UK do you live in? Maybe someone else can recommend a decent vet?
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