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Here is Mr. Shredder

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Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! That's so cute!!!! Is Mr. Shredder yours???

I love his face!!!!!!!!
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I love that name it's so perfect for a cat. Does that adorable little kitten belong to you?
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No one can tell me they don't know they're being cute! What a pose!
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Oh, look at him! He's so cute!
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Hissy - he sure is a beauty!
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Oh, how sweet. So very cute. All together now, AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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Yes he is mine, all mine. Some I just have to keep! LOL
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Mr. Shredder is adorable. I love the way the pads on his feet are pink & black. He looks alot like my cat, Cosmo, his pads are the same way too.

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What a cute little guy. He looks like he has personality to spare! I can't blame you for not giving that one up Hissy!
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Oooooooooooo nooooooooo!!! Another cute baby pic!!! This really is NOT fair!!! (have you people noticed how many "to die for" cute pics have been posted recently?!?!?!? V. Suspicious....)
Hissy, he is absolutely adorable!! Love the "hands in the air" thing going on.....mmmmm kitty paws :laughing:
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AAAAAWWWWWWWWW! How cute. Little pink kitten toes! My favorite! Lucky you.
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Ohhh what a doll - what a face. He is sooooo beautiful.
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Awwww! How cute. Do you have any spare kittens that you could send my way?
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Sarah ask me in about a week.........*G*
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OOOooo Hissy!! Does that mean the pitter patter of tiny feet AGAIN?!?!!? - better save me one!! (OR ELSE!!! :laughing2 )
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I just had to look at this baby one more time. I like to smile!OOOO!
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Awww, Hissy! he is such a little cutie!!!!
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Soooo sweet!!! I love the paws in the air pose! Great pic.
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he loves to shred paper, toilet paper, paper towels, mail, newspaper, thus his name Shredder
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That's similar to how my kitty Spiderman aka Spidey got his name - he liked to climb vertically and horizontally - chairs, couch, people, you name it!

So Hissy, I take it you aren't going for my lettuce deal??
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