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I love Big Lots

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My friend Jen told me that Big Lots had a good price on some plastic storage containers and, needing some things for the new place, I decided to drive over there this afternoon.

They didn't have the storage containers that I want but, I got a nice mattress pad for my new bed, a shower curtain printed with purple and hot pink kitties, a set of three skillets and a cookie sheet and I only spent $33. Not a bad day's haul.

Payday I'm going back, as they have some bookcases, for only $19.99. They had some coffee and end tables in my price range but, they were wicker and I just KNOW what Rowdy will do to wicker.

This neighborhood has everything that I need, within a two-mile radius: Target, WalMart, Fry's Market, 99-cent Store, French bakery, Tucson Mall AND a Big Lots!
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nothin like getting stuff you need for a good price!
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My mom likes to hit them for their bra sales. You have to hit them early when they open on the first day of the sales. Items go very fast!!
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Big Lots is a great store. Thanks for the reminder. I don't get there very often now that they moved away from another great store, Bealls Outlet.
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When I used to live on the New Hampshire border there was a Big Lots in the same plaza with a Wal-Mart in Plastow. That was just great for me! Now that I live out west of Boston I have to make a trip to Big Lots, but I usually find something I need. I used to find Cadbury eggs there far into the summer !
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i love that store, too - i get all my school 'prizes' there! saturday, i went & bought yarn - 30 skeins for $30 - some really unusual ones, too - 6 skeins were an eyelash yarn, & most of the others had a glittery component. regular price would've been like $4-$5 each, instead of $1! i also bought a memory foam pillow for $10.
my mom says going there is like going fishing - you never know whether you're going to hook a great deal or come home empty!
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That's why I like Tuesday morning or TJ MAxx. You never know what stuff you will find!!
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Big Lots is great. We have one here and we also have an Ollie's Bargin Outlet. The joke is that Ollie's is full of both junk and great junk...just like my friend's dad's house, who's name happens to be Ollie.
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Sounds like a fun shop. Good buys Cindy!
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