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Treat suggestions

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Hi guys,

Sebastien is a very picky eater. I'm having a hard time finding a treat that sends him running for more. Most treats I have tried (dried baggie food treats) he ignors, or puts in his mouth, then drops as I'm watching and walks away.....obviousely he doesnt like them...what do your cats like??
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They love small cubes of cheese, cottage cheese, green beans chopped really fine. They turn up their nose at Pounce and all those other treats. Really their greatest treat is when I open a can of canned cat food, they love that. Sardines, and tuna, but not a lot of it is also something they get.
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hmmm i feed my guys a whole variety of treats, they will eat most of them.
Their favorite are these jerky strips (dog treats), and science diet growth treats (dog treats).
I don't buy anything science diet, my fiance did, and this is whats left over from the dog I had, and supplies for my foster doggies.

My cats like those tartar control 'wiska lickins' I think. I got the chicken flavor.. I had tuna.. speakign of which... where did those ones go?
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We give Whiskas Kitbits, and Frieskies treats, they have different flavours, and C & K love them!
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Both my tabbies go crazy any time I get out the deli meat (any flavor), any raw people meat, and tuna or chicken, whether raw, canned, or cooked. They also come running for the commercial cat treats.

My tuxes, though, aren't interested in treats of any kind, except occasionally canned tuna. Which is good, I guess, since they are, ahem, heavier than the tabbies!
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Cheese!!!! My kitties love it!!

Also you can boil skinless boneless chicken and cut it into small cubes. Mmmmmm....:disturbed

If you like to cook here's a couple recipes you can make. http://www.recipesource.com/misc/pet-food/cat/

Have fun!!
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I used to use Velveta cheese for my kitties training sessions

I try not to use much cheese at all anymore... cause its bad for kitties. gives them diahrea =p
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Actually, I don't give my kitty treats .

I used to give him some of the usual cat treats until he started to gain too much weight (he was a street kitty that took quite a while to stop acting like a piggie). So, he went on a diet. He didn't really seem too crazy about the treats unless he was hungry anyhow. He doesn't appear to miss them.

Sometimes, if I'm trying to turn him into a performing cat , I'll give him a few pieces of his kibble as incentive.

He hasn't started destroying the place looking for food so I'm guessing that he's happy with the arrangement . I don't think treats are a necessity like food, water, exercise and love .
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Depends on how much cheese you give your cat..........

I've never had a problem giving them cheese. Then again I split a serving between the four of them.

I didn't think velveta was real cheese anyhow.:confused2

Vikki you have a good point there. I find most overweight cat's problems stem from the cookie jar. I save treats for after nail trims and Sampson's comb outs.
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My cats don't like food treats at all. I've tried the kinds you buy, scrambled eggs, fresh fish or meat, no way no how, they aren't eating it.

That's fine with me.

I give them the treats they like - play time, snuggles, scratchers. It suits them just fine.
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I sometimes give Arizona a spoonful of beef or lamb baby food. She LOVES it!
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My kitties beg every night for Whisker Lickin's. They have a variety of flavors, some they like better than others. Their favorites are Gobblers (turkey), Mousers (chicken and cheese), and Cluckers (chicken). Guess they are just into the poultry thing. They don't like the beef flavor, and aren't too big into the tartar control which they swallow whole so it doesn't do any good at controling the tartar.
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Heheh Isha likes my ministrone soup
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