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Reactions To Flea Drops

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Every month, I give Tucker & Mini Advantage flea drops..and every time, they basically get freaked out for at least a day.
They will both take off running as soon as I put it on-sometimes it's difficult to get it all on before they squirm & take off. They will act jumpy & afraid, hyper sensitive to anything that goes on. Tucker will slink around in that long, low , careful posture & Mini will become "needy" & hissy. For example, she will want to sit on my lap when I'm on the computer & will complain & even growl when my legs get sore & I have to change positions. If I have to get up to use the toilet, she will get angry & hiss at me for moving her off my lap!
I've tried Frontline, same thing. Frontline doesn't seem to work as well, but still, even with Advantage, they still act like they have fleas.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do your cats have these hyper reactions, too?
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Though mine don't react quite in this fashion, I have heard of cats basically freaking out for a day while the fleas fight for their lives. Maybe call or take them in to the vets to see if they are allergic to the drops?
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Originally Posted by Me-n-my guys
Do your cats have these hyper reactions, too?
YES! Oliver does the same thing to the point that I was wondering if it was burning his neck. This is the same cat that doesn't flinch when he is being given a shot.
Tripod doesn't seem to get upset, but I can tell he doesn't like it.
Fortunately, I live on the 2nd floor and don't treat my kitties unless I notice them scratching or see a flea. I think it has been necessary once within the last 3 years. My vet said that we probably don't track fleas in very often because of the stairs. I mentioned Oliver's reaction (quite awhile ago). I don't remember what he said, but I do remember that he didn't think I should be overly concerned about it.
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When I lived in England all the cats came at feeding time (1 ferel, a 3 others) they all stayed around and were fussed and petted while they ate.

The only exception to this was if I got the flea drops out... don't ask me how they knew but you could not see them for dust.

My dogs also react to the drops so I think they must tingle or something.

What amazed me was they knew what I had even if they were inside a paper bag, I never worked out how they knew.
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