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Where do your cats like to hide/sleep?

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I just found Sam in the linen closet. He's taking a nap on one of my towels with his head resting on a tin of Vaseline. What a silly boy.

He also likes to sleep under the couch, but only during the day.

How about you guys? Where do you find your kitties?
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I have a box with holes cut out so that they can play in it. There's also a blanket in there so usually if I can't find them they'll be sleeping inside the box. Sometimes I find Otis sleeping in the sink and Baby Girl sleeps under the blankets with me in bed :-D
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We have cathedral ceilings. We recently bought one of those two tier "Camelot" cat houses. I fastened it to the wall near the apex of the ceiling. The Cats just love it! The top of the house is at about 9 feet and our two Bengals have chosen the top as prime sleeping space. It's so nice to look up in the morning and see the two heads looking down at us. The cats like it so much I ordered one of those SandCastle Loungers for the other end of the room. I'll have to remove the posts to get it to fit. It'll be their Castle in the Clouds...
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My one cat calie loves to sleep in the lazzyboy. My other cat Dark Side usally hangs top half off the back of the chair and sleeps. He also likes to sleep in boxes and realy small paper bags. Also they both compeat for my lap when it is availble.
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Tara likes to sleep on my closet shelves where I keep my pants and extra sheets or in bed with me. Drusilla will sleep either at the foot of my bed or in her cat tunnel.
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My cat KC simply had a cardboard box with a hole in it, until it got too scratched up and had to be thrown out. Now, though he doesn't sleep in them anymore, we'll here the "thunk-thunk" of him trying to open the cupboards in the bathroom.

My kitten Sherman has only been with us for four days and he's been found sleeping in the kitchen cupboards, on the piano, on a shelf in front of the TV, and in the dishwasher.
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I have found Swanie asleep in the linen closet, in a clothes basket in the closet, on the books on the top shelf of a bookcase, on top of my clothes drying racks (which I have taken down so they don't collapse with him on them), on top of a bookcase type thing we keep clothes in, as well as in our bed, on the living room chair, on the family room couch, on the spare bed.

Cynthia usually just sleeps on her chair in front of the window, our bed, the spare bed, or the couch. Sometimes at night I'll see her on the cardboard scratching pad outside our bedroom door, but I"m not sure she's actually sleeping there.
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Jake has his armchair in the lounge and he also sleeps on the bed in the spare room.

Jaz is always on our bed, either in it or on it

Izzy most favourite place is a lap
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One time Zissou disappeared for a while. I still have no idea where she went. I looked under everything, in everything, on everything...still no Zissou.

She really loves to be behind the tv. (the cords are all wrapped up so no danger). She loves the cardboard box that bottles of beer come in. She has a kitty hammock and a window casement bed, which she likes. She loves those plastic milk crates and paper bags. And being in cabinets. And suitcases. Under the couch. Under the curio.

Her favorite thing, though, is if you make a little tent for her out of newspapers so she can hide under it.
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My two prefer the clothse basket that we keep on top of the dryer, which is right outside our bedroom door. Other than that they like the couch and the bathtub.
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Devin sleeps on the window sill, the beanbag chair in my lap, on my lap whilst I'm typing away at the computer, on the fancey, expensive pillow at night and his prime spot is the dining room table, right at the edge.

If he's hiding, he's in his animal planet cube or under the bed or burried under the clean laundry that he drags into a corner.
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Mine all sleep in the same spots (unless it's night time - then they all sleep with me ).
Top of the couch - Zoey on the left and Pebbles on the right. Snickers on my bed always, Peanut on a pillow in front of a cellar window in the cellar, and Molly in the cuboards under my daughters bed.
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They all switch who is where but....

The baseball cat bed in the kitchen
The laundry basket cat bed in the kitchen
Back of the couch
Back of my desk chair
Shelf on my desk
Cubby on the telephone table
Laundry basket cat bed on the stairs
Kitty pup tent in the office
Spread out all over the unused desk in the office
The upstairs bathroom sink
On my head or on my body pillow (at night)
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Puppy likes:

In the boxspring (he found a hole on the underside)
In the laundry hamper
On the bed, only if it's made and only if his towel is on it (Good boy!)
Under my desk chair.
On the dining chairs (the tablecloth drapes over the edge and makes his little "cave"
Bottom shelf of the pantry, behind his dried food.
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Based on the amount of hair on the cloth seat - Mom's office chair which she has yet to sit in! Ari likes the center of my bed, top of the computer monitor (he's there right now), at the foot of Mom's bed (where I sit to watch TV). Topaz is almost always on Mom's bed except when on the office chair.
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Originally Posted by eupnea
I just found Sam in the linen closet. He's taking a nap on one of my towels with his head resting on a tin of Vaseline. What a silly boy.

He also likes to sleep under the couch, but only during the day.

How about you guys? Where do you find your kitties?

in the laundry hamper and in the bathroom on the rug
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Seamus sleeps in my closet on the sweaters, in the dog's kennel, on top of the kitchen cabinets in a wooden salad bowl, or on top of the fireplace.

Gator sleeps in the dog's kennel, under the bed on some sweaters, or on a chair from IKEA. He can't jump well, so the high places are inaccesible for him.
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Murphy likes to sleep in high places- top shelf of the closet, top of the cabinet wherever he can be outta reach. Chichi likes to sleep on anything cardboard
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oh .....
They are adorable when they sleep..!
At the moment he is on the dinning table , close in the laptop and sleeps facing me ...
He likes to sleep under my bed, and hides under the coffee table and under the dining table ( nice and cosy)

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Cinders likes to hide behind our TV. She likes to sleep behind the TV or on top of the propped up sofa cushions when we are in the lounge. Come bedtime, she likes to sleep on my chest

Bella doesn't do hiding She likes to sleep on the sofa with her head either in my lap or my husband's when we are in the lounge. At bedtime, she likes to sleep on top of David's legs or his shoulder
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Zakk is the only cat that actually sleeps in a cat bed at night! The others use them once in awhile. Rocky sleeps between my legs. I don't know what cookie does at night but he likes to sleep in the cat post that has a tube in the middle for kitties. We figured out where Suzie hides- behind the water heater in the basement!
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Laura usually sleeps on my part of the bed during daytime and at night she snuggles up with my bf
She also loves to open the wardrobe (!) and then sleeps either under the hangers (it's so funny when you want to take out your old prom dress and she meows at you!) or in the top rack, on top of the folded sheets.
We never knew how she got there until we saw her lower herself down from the top of the wardrobe one day, she twisted and bent herself over until she was there!
The funniest thing though was when we were tiding up one weekend and my bf was putting the good china away in a cupboard. He called me and at first I just saw a closed door, but when I opened it, there was Laura sitting on the china! When we closed the door again she didn't mind at all

Carter is a whole different cat, for that matter. He loves to sleep on the couch, on his cat blanket, under the couch table (yesterday we found him squeezed in the little rack underneath, he barely fit in but it must have been cozy ) and whenever he is sick, grumpy or scared (for example when our nieces are there or a vet appointment is due), he hides in the attic, there's a spot where he can watch any "intruders" but unless you're child-sized you won't get to him
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