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New Pictures of Starbucks! :]

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And, for a comparison!

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Oh my! What a gorgeous kitty!

I'll move this to Fur Pictures.
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I see you are new here so 1st off, WELCOME!!!
2nd... when you are going to post pics of Starbucks... and the pics are this cute... please put a WARNING: CUTE PICS on your title!!
Some of us just can't handle the shock of such a beautiful kitty without some sort of WARNING!! hehehehe
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Originally Posted by illEATurHARTout
And, for a comparison!

Oh wow. This IS cuteness overload.
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cuteness warning.

OH LOVELY. adoreable!!
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What a beautiful little face! And those eyes..Great pictures!
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I'm in love!!

He has the same coloring as my Harley!
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Starbucks is a beautiful, beautiful boy!
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What a handsome fella! Welcome to TCS.
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Aaaaw what a cutie!! I adore that kitten shot.... my gosh I think I'm in love again...... Welcome to TCS!
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Such lovely eyes, and such beautiful swirls! Such adorable baby pics, too! Awwww!
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Oh my word what a beautiful cat!
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Starbucks is VERY photogenic! What a handsome cat. And, yes, compared with that last picture - my has he grown! What a sweetie. Those pictures are just so perfect
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