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What do you feed your cat??

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I want to know what everyone feeds their cats. What do you all think is the BEST food? I have siamese kitten and want to feed her the best stuff!!
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I love Nutro natural choice, and so do my cats.
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Ther eis no ONE best food, because the truth is that the best food is wasted if your cat doesn't like it or doesn't do well on it. I think from this thread, and if you do a forum search on foods, you'll get a lot of good ideas. As long as you stay away from grocery store brands and brands that contain by-products and too much grain (brewer's rice, soy, wheat, etc) you'l be ok.

To answer your question, my cats eat Felidae dry and Leo eats Evanger's Holistic Pheasant wet, Gracie eats Wellness Turkey and Salmon wet and Raphael so far is eating Trader Joe's Tuna and Crab wet.
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I feed the best that I can afford given that I have 6 cats.
Nutro Natural Complete Care.
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I feed Merricks - it even smells good. It has no by-products which is what sold me.

As the above poster said, there is no ONE BEST food. There are a number of good foods so check out some of the previous food threads here.

Also, it is imperative that you post pictures of your kittie. Hee Hee
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My kitties are raw feeders. We feed a pre-made frozen raw right now, as I'm not confident enough, nor do I have enough time to do it myself.
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I have heard a lot of people tell me that nutro natural choice is a good food and I am going to go buy some tomorrow. Like I said I have a little siamese 8 month old kitten and she is on science diet kitten right now. I don't really like the results I am getting from it that is why I want to change her food. I will try and put a picture of her up soon so you can see how cute and wonderful she is!! By the way yosemite your babies are beautiful!! Thanks! Oh and also I was wondering if any one gives their kitties vitamins of any kind.
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I feed my cats Felidae dry and Schesir Salmon wet
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Felidae dry
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i feed my cat Friskies Chefs Blend its all she'll eat
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Dori eats Merrick wet and Innova Light dry.
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We feed a raw diet, they were on science diet but once i got them i changed it.
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I feed one 90% raw 10% canned
the other eats natural choice ...

The best food is the one you can afford and kitty will eat ... hopefully that is one free of by products grd corn and chemical preservatives...
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