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Moving questions...

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So... as soon as i can, I am going to be moving out of here. I live with roommates right now, and my baby stays in my room all the time because she is anti-social with the other cat. BUT I will be out of here soon and am wondering if there are any tips on how to make the adjustment a little easier for her. I know cats are very sensitive of their surroundings... and she's been in this room since I got her 6 months ago. I CAN'T WAIT till she has more space to roam around. I will be so happy and I know she will be too. I'm thinking I should move everything first and set up as much as I can the first day, then bring her in? oh and f.y.i i will be moving into an aparment, not a big house, so i dont think it will be too overwhelming. Thanks in advance!
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Yes, do the move first, set her box where she can easily find it, and her dishes and toys. Make very sure all windows and out-doors are closed (and don't let her on the balcony if there is one... very dangerous! And just give her time to explore, appreciate that she's on her own (minus the other cat) and has you all to herself.
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We moved to a larger apartment about a year ago with our cat. Since it was in the same complex, we were moving things by hand. We saved KC for last and made sure that he had a place to hide as soon as we brought him in. He's such a scaredy cat and had to sniff down the whole house before he got comfortable. Make sure your cat knows where the necessaties are - litter box, bed, food & water. It didn't long for KC to warm up to the new place, so hopefully your kitty will be fine too!
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Oh yeah, sounds like kitty will be so happy with the new apartment! Yes, moving her in after things have been put mostly into place is perfect.

Fair warning, you might want to set her litterbox, food, and water up in your room first, because she'll possibly be scared of all the new space for the first day or two (or possibly week). Just be patient...it'll take getting used to after just having one room for six months. She'll be out before you know it, and lovin' it!

P.S. Don't encourage her to come out too much, either. She has to do it in her own time. You might try taking her in your arms and giving her a tour of the house (if she doesn't get too scared...shaking, etc.) the second or third day if she's not out of hiding yet. Be sure to give her a space in your closet, or some such so she can be somewhere safe (also be sure her litterbox and food are nearby).
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