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Our cat Sydney has dandruff . He is a black cat , so it's very visually !! I took him to the vet two weeks ago and she prescribed him an oil which I have to add to his favorite wet food ...

Me oh my , it is easy to say "add this to that" !!! !
My little (sorry huge) rascal refuses to eat the stinky stuff !!
Even if I only add half a portion , he still smells it and leaves the food alone ... .
The little !!!!!!
I'm at my witts end now ; anyone with a brilliant idea ?
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A supplement I highly recomend is the missing link. It's a powder you sprinkle over their food and the results are AWESOME. Their coat becomes so shiny you can almost see your reflection in it. Not to mention it also takes care of the dandruff. Although I'm not sure if a picky kitty would mind it.
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Add it to juice of some wet cat food or sardine oil? Syringe it down his throat s-l-o-w-ly..add just a little bit to his food a little at a time till he adapts to it? Those would be some of what I would try.
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Hmmm there are many things you can do. You can force feed it to him, if you feel that is totally necissary.
Or you can try the missing link, or other various high quality vitaimns coat care suppliments, to see if she will eat those!

In addition, Try getting a coat spray, for dry skin & coat, a mosterizer etc. Spray it on the cat or on the comb and then comb your cat. Do that daily. Also use a slicker brush if you can, to really help get off some of that dead skin.

I just recently had this same problem with a stray cat brought to me, but I fixed her right up!

Also give your cat a raw egg, (the yolk) to eat, those are very good for skin and coat. (Do that once a week).
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Was looking for information about dandruff as one of my cats has it too. You said: A supplement I highly recomend is the missing link. It's a powder you sprinkle over their food and the results are AWESOME. Their coat becomes so shiny you can almost see your

What I want to know is what the name is and where to buy it???
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It's called The Missing Link for cats(It is also made for dogs and humans). You can buy it at several different pet shops and catalogs and I had boughten mine at petsmart.
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also made for dogs and humans....LOL, so you, your cats, and your dogs can all take the same supplement. Too funny!
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I know like one big happy family

Now they just need to make it for reptiles and everyone in the household can take it!
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Don't forget the birds! Ha ha!

As for my cats, I throw a little bit of something into their wet food (which they get 2x a day). Sometimes Brewer's Yeast (some cats can be allergic), fresh minced garlic, different oils, beef or chicken stock (homemade, I make a lot of soup), a tiny piece of a mashed up steamed veggie, a bit of peanut butter, a little mashed cooked barley. They eat it just fine. Maybe because they are so used to it.
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thanks for all your replies !!!!
About that supplement : HELP !! I LIVE IN BELGIUM !!
I haven't seen that product in the shops here ....!!
My vet gave me a bottle with an oily substance to add to his food .
But guess what : he definitely refuses to eat now !!! I've also tried to give it with a seringue , but that was no use ;resulted in a hell of a fight ............ !!!!
So , what now hé !!!!
By the way , Sydney is very sick now ; does not eat nor drink , sleeps all the time and feels as hot as a burning piece of wood !!! I'm about to go to the vet , because I so very worried ....
I cannot stand to see an animal in pain or sick ....
Will post the result !!! bye !!!
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How is Sydney doing??? I hope much better by now :tounge2:
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yep , Sydney is better now . He went to the vet four days in a row to get anti-biotic shots !! Waw , he hated that !!!!! He seemes to be better now , no more fever too . But not very hungry yet ; but that will follow now I hope !! :laughing:
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