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Spike had FIA

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Well the Vet called on Friday,and got the results back from the tests they ran on Spike,and It turns out he dies from Feline infectious anemia (FIA). They said over 75% of his red blood cellls were infected,with the blood parasite,hemobartonella feliswhen he crossed the rainbow bridge.The only thing we don't know is how he got it. he was Never outside,or in any cat fights with our other house cats.We don't have any fleas here either,since none of our cats scratch much. the vet is thinking that his mom,Misty sue is a carrier,and may have infected him during birth,or through breast feeding.
THe vet told us to keep aclose on on his brother and sister,to watch for any symptoms. so far they seem their same healthy selves.He did say that males are more apt to get it than females,and that the first momnth they are infected is the crucial time weither theylive or diefrom it even while on tetracycline.
At least we now know what happened to our beloved Spike.
Just wondering if any one else have lost any cats to this??
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Praying that Spike's brother and sister are not infected.
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Adding my prayers to Spike's remaining brother and sister..
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I never heard of it before! Can the other kitties be tested for it, so they can get treatment?
Condolences on your loss! Poor Spike!
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I also have never heard of it, but did a google search and came up with this link http://www.sniksnak.com/cathealth/fia.html

your right - at least you know what was wrong with Spike, not that it makes it any easier I am sure.

I hope your other kitties are just fine

RIP Spike
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