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Caption This #0929  

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Picture by Miss Mew
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Mom, what do you mean I have to get on an airplane again?
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Take one step closer, I dare ya....
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I did not do it! I swear!
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Oh no! I am seeing them again.
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No, I absolutely will NOT get off of this bed, and you can't make me!
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Mom, WHAT did you do to your hair?
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Whaddya mean the bat I caught last night was Dracula?
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Your not wearing that to work are you?!
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"I`m...too sexy for my sheets...."
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Your neck looks pretty sweet...I mean that's a good look for you
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How do you like my new fangs? Look real, don't they?
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You do see the fangs don't ya
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Time for changing sheets again? No way Buster!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Mom, what do you mean I have to get on an airplane again?
This one's great!
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'oooooo, what a pretty neck you have!'
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What the heck is that thing on your head???!!!
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Hello,Alice.Welcome to wonder land! Have you gone to see the mad hatter yet?How curious!
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Yeah, ok, so he knocked out a few teeth, but you should see the OTHER guy!
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This is my impersonation of meowmy's bedroom slipper...

Kept my tail? Check!
Kept my feetsies? Check!
Stop moving my eyeballs? Check!

Hmm.. Why do I get the feeling I'm missing something???!
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I just love this show! Just looking at that juicey chicken makes me drool. Look at me! I'm letting my tooth show! It really helps when my human records it for me, it's so hard to figure these technological gizmos out.
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vampire meow!
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"Quick! put me in the basement, there's a full moon!!!"
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So mom, why did you call me Drac?
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"I knew I shouldn't have smoked the whole thing. My eyes aren't bloodshot are they?"
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