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Caption This #0927  

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Picture by mercymanic
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No caption, but this could be Abby's twin! Anyone know who this cat belongs to?
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Now where did that dictionary go to?
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Ok who stole my secret cat nip stash?
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
No caption, but this could be Abby's twin! Anyone know who this cat belongs to?
Oops! My bad, I forgot to give photo credit.
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HHmmm now let me see, I know the book is here somewhere.
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What do you mean, my library card is expired?
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Yeah so while Mom's saying awwwww and thinking I'm so smart and that I can read, I'm really about the reach for the catnip right before her eyes and she hasn't a clue, what a genius am I right?!!
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I want the phone book.... I'm going to order in before she dishes up that horrible sludge again.
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What can i have for my bedtime story
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Gotta hurry and find those hidden treats before she gets back in the house!!!
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Which book do I want to sleep on tonight?
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O know I left that mouse carcass in here somewhere...
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Hmm, what do I feel like today, do I go with "Of Mice and Men" or "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" ? Ooh, how about some light reading by Lillian Jackson Braun?
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I can't beleive she moved that tuna
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Obviously she has misplaced How to Communicate with your Cat once again.
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'no, i haven't seen fluffy, honest'
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I meowmy hid that Cats DVD! I really want to see it again!!
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Yeah,I'd like the fried smelt basket,With slaw,And a diet rite.can i get a toy with that?
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I already read that. Read that one. Read that one.... read that one... oh crap I read 'em all!
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There was a time when I used to be able to fit in that little space behind the books.... Oh woe is me, gone are those happy times....
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I know I alphabetized these books and dusted this shelf and now look at it. A mess! Where did the Etiquiette for Cats book go? I'm having company later and I don't know what to wear for a formal occasion like that.
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Where are my Milano cookies? They were there last night!
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meomy look I am walking like you.
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"Drat! my cat toy is missing again"
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Make sure you always close the draw when you are done - like this!
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