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Caption This #0926  

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Picture by lunasmom
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Someone is going to pay for this!
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Is this a good look for me?
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Stupid clip-on earrings!
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I hope these hearing aids work better then they look.
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Like my bling?
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Anyone for a game of ring toss?
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I know she meant well. But as soon as she goes back home, I'm taking them in for exchange.
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Originally Posted by WeLoveEllie
Anyone for a game of ring toss?
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Nah... the 80s style jewellery really isn't me.
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Do i honestly look like your jewellery box!!
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If I hold my head "just so" ,then this works just fine...I AM NOT going to get them pierced!!!
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I hate you. period.
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Hoops are in again?
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What? I think they look cool!
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What? What are you laughing at? I don't get the joke?
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Sigh. The things we women do in the name of beauty!
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The are new caterings
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waaaa.. .Mommy won't let me get pierced until I am a teenager.
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'my halo's slipped again'
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This is the last time I let those youngsters play ring toss with my ears!
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paris hilton's new cat!
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Do these hoops make my ears look too long?
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Help me OB1. You're my only hope!
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Gimme some credit meowmy! I KNOW these aren't Tiffany's!
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Yea! I'm pretty pretty pretty!!
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Why are you looking at me funny I am a trend starter?
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"I think these are meant to be worn on my wrists, not my ears"
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And you think I'm not planning revenge?
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